Sensei Online Course Integration and BeTheme

I have installed a plugin called Sensei which you can sell online courses and modules.  The BeTheme doesn't declare support for this plugin, and on the pages the plugin runs on it's styling is all thrown off. 

Sensei mentions adding code to the functions.php file here:

I can't figure out exactly which snippets to use to declare this support.  And is it possible to have the muffin builder appear within the course as well? 

Thank you.


  • Hi,

    because we did never tested this plugin, we have no idea what might happen. But if it's necessary to modify functions.php file and you don't know how to do this, we recommend to contact with your web developer.

  • I do know how to edit the functions.php file, but I'm apparently not getting the correct code to correspond with their code listed in that article.  It's breaking the site.  

    Do you offer any sort of service to pay for to have you guys set this up correctly? 
  • Sorry but we do not. In reference to Item Support Policy, customization are not allowed. So if you want to modify files and don't know how, you should contact with your web developer.

    Thanks for understanding!
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