Open Creative Header: Nothing appears under menu such as action bar. How to add content below menu


I have not found a widget or area where you can display any content below the menu on the open creative menu left hand side under the menu. Is there a way to do this?  I want to add address, phone number and social media details. The dispñlay os too low for current social media items and too small at the bottom of page and behind bg image for crertvie header.


  • for example I have the banner info filled out but it doesnt display on the left hand side anywhere.
  • Hi,

    as you can see on our demo, we have Action Bar section (but under menu) where you can put phone number, address and social media. This can be done in Theme options > Layout > Menu & Action Bar section. But social icons can be setup in Theme options > Layout > Social icons.
  • Cant see in any demo what you are talking about. You make it sound like there is one demo...Do you mean the interior demo. That demo doesn't have any info under menu besides the social icons.
  • Option's panel is the same for all pages. So you must have above options inside your theme. If you don`t have, then we recommend to update theme to the latest version.
  • worked  around rathyer than fixed this, so closed.

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