Using <!--more--> tag

I want to display full posts and split the excerpt with the <!--more--> tag.

I don't use "featured" images - but place the image into the post itself.  With BEtheme, the image doesn't show in the excerpt.

This is an example of what I want to do.




  • Hi, thought I'd show you what I found.. seems you can only show the excerpts when you edit  your original blog post from the default WP post editor (not VC or Muffin Builder) ... I had the same issue and resolved it by simply pasting the text portion of my post into the default WP editor instead of into VC where I'd originally posted the content.. Here's where I found the answer:

    And here is my site's home page which references the blog at the lower portion of the page:

    It's not ideal, because my client would prefer to edit posts in the Visual Composer editor, but it's a solution, anyway. Hope it helps you.

  • Just re-read your question and my solution may not be what you're looking for - I see you're wanting to show images in your excerpt, not just the featured images.. something I'd like an answer for as well... so *bump the question back up!

    Thanks for asking

  • Hi,

    We are sorry but we do not have anything like that included into theme so far.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Thanks for letting us know! Would be a cool feature to add in future if possible. :)

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