I'm trying to set up my testimonials to show up on my home page at http://debliz.com ... If you scroll down the page you'll see that I've used the muffin builder shortcode to display the testimonials loop, but when I go to edit the testimonials, the only option available to edit the post type is Visual Composer... and the output as you'll see on my home page is showing the VC html code... Also, I used the featured image section to show the testimonials' images, but that's not showing up on the home page output either. Can you help me with this?

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    Same issue here... just for reference... http://debliz.com/testimonials/

    Thanks again

    Edit: Solved the extra code issue by disabling js_composer in its own settings. Now the default WP editor appears for custom post type testimonials.

    Still haven't yet figured out how to show the testimonial images on the home page loop though. Any thoughts?


  • Hi,

    how exactly you set this slider? Any screenshot of how you did it in the back-end?
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    I see where my error was now, thanks! :) I had the wrong short code ... changed it to hide-photos="0" like shown below. Figured that out when I went to take the screen shot.


    So that's working now... but is there a way to remove the lines on the output? There's two sets of 'lines'... one is the background notebook paper looking part (lines 1 in the image below) and there's another line that appears under the text.. much thinner line (lines 2 in the image) ... can this possibly be removed with CSS?


    Thanks again, really appreciate it. :)


    Edit: One last quick question - on the second screenshot above, which setting would I change to make the background of the testimonials slider something other than what I have, which is the pinkish color (#F05945) ? I've used a 'custom color' scheme for my site and it's hard sometimes to find the correct setting. Thanks guys. :)
  • Ok, I've sorted the issue with the background lines, sorry lol. Just leaves the last question - how to change the pink coloring above on the slider?... then I should be all set! :)
  • You can change this background with the following css:
    .testimonials_slider .slider_images::before { background: #000 !important; }
  • Just what I needed, thanks!
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