how to remove standard header image

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I have the standard header image appearing on posts and want to change it.  I have done this for pages by setting the featured image for the page to a new header image, but can't do this for the blog posts as I want use a featured image in the post.

This is what I have by default at the moment - all help gratefully received



  • "Set featured image" for posts can`t be used because this field has been used for other images. So if you want to choose header image for posts you need to do is within css. Below we`ll show you 2 examples of what you can do:

    1 example:
    .postid-xxx #Header { background-image: url("path-to-image"); }
    where xxx is post ID. Within this solution for each post page you can create own header image.

    2 example:
    .single-post #Header { background-image: url("path-to-image"); }
    This code above will apply the same header image for all posts pages.

    Hope this will help you a lot :)
  • Thanks folks I'll have a play with it - I did paste the code for example 2 into the custom css in the muffin options along with the url of the file, but it is still the same.

  • And can totely remove this omage?
  • @robcoates230 Maybe you got cache plugin installed and that`s why don`t see changes on website. We tested it and all works fine.

    @slavikfi Yes, you can remove it totally. Just use below css for that:
    body:not(.template-slider) #Header { background-image: none; }
  • I cant understand. Can you please explain in steps?
  • Where do i add
    body:not(.template-slider) #Header { background-image: none; }??
  • Rather than set a featured image for each page, how can this default image be removed altogether so the header background color becomes visible??

  • I have the same issue.  I want to adjust the header images on other pages.  I am able to do this on the main home/start page but not on any other page.
  • same problem here -.-
  • @fumorshop Each custom css should be pasted inside Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section.

    @firebranddesigns To do that, please paste above code into Custom CSS section as we wrote above as well :)

    @matiasgt Hope above explanation will be clear now :)

    But guys, we`ll add option for that into Theme options today. Currently we work on new update that will be ready today and accepted on TF at least tomorrow. And into Theme options panel, we`ll add option to change header background image for all pages around website. So please follow updates on TF and you will be noticed when new one will arrive.

    Hope this is good information for you ;)

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    @muffingroup I realized that after I posted yesterday  :))

  • Ok then ;) Glad to hear that @firebranddesigns. But update with this option has been already approved on TF in case if you want to know. We added this option in Theme options > Layout > Header section. The option is called "Subheader image".

    Hope this will be much easier to change subheader image now.
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    Great! I'll have to check out that uopdate.

    Thanks again!
  • @muffingroup  Is there any way to change the size of the sub header image?   No matter what image I put in there, the height is always the same.
  • @sbakersairo Of course you can. Header got min-height attribute which is 250px by default. And you can change it using below css:
    body:not(.template-slider) #Header { min-height: 300px; }
    Of course custom css must be pasted in Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section.
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    Well, I've got a problem here. I've trying to remove the subheader image and, in order to do so, I've just copied the css and all I get is this: 


    Is it possible to remove that subheader non image? This is the css I've used.

    body:not(.template-slider) #Header { background-image: none; }

  • @ndelmoral Yes, this is possible of course. If you will send us url to your page then we can find right css for your needs but what we recommend is update theme to latest 2.3 version because we added "Minimalist header" option which is in Theme options > Layout > Header section and this option is exactly for what you need ;)
  • Thanks. Guys, you're so fucking awesome :
  • I have done step by step suggestions on the forum but I can not activate the slider at the top, I need your cooperation
  • @FerneyBenitez Did you selected slider in "Page options" section while you create/edit page? Because slider should be selected as on screenshot

    This should help you because there is nothing else to select slider for page.
  • I have the same issue here. How do i Put a slider in the header? Whenever i enter the short code for the revolution slider it ends up at the bottom of the page, Also in the pages option ( there are no sliders that i can select? 
  • @mushys Probably there is not sliders in "Sliders" section because you didn`t created any in Revolution Slider section. If you want slider to be there, you need to create it first.
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    There are 4 sliders in the revolution slider ( 3 which were imported from the demo and 1 I have created) Also when using the muffin builder why does the slider always end up at the bottom?
  • @mushys Something must be wrong on your side because this is not how theme works. Please send us access to your dashboard on pm and we`ll have a look on it!
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    @muffungroup something is wrong on my side as it seems to be working when I uploaded the theme onto my web server, It might be something to do with my localhost  multisite wordpress settings maybe or maybe revolution slider doesn't work well with mutisite version of wordpress?
  • @mushys If this is local server then we can`t check it but if this will be on live server and you will send us access to your dashboard and FTP then of course we can check everything. We tested this theme with multisite and revolution slider works fine so definitely something must be wrong on local side. So if this will be live and you will be able to send access, then please do it and we`ll check what can be wrong.
  • @muffingroup I purchased another license to use your theme for another client's site and I have the latest version but I am not seeing the option you mentioned above (Theme options > Layout > Header section. The option is called "Subheader image".) What am I missing? I have selected the Classic header with the minimal option so the header image isn't shown yet it is still shown on the mobile view.
  • @firebranddesigns Do you mean that you have used Classic header with "Minimalistic header" in Theme options > Layout > Header section and header image is still there? If this is what you mean then please send us url to your website where you got it and we`ll check because as we know this was fixed already.
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    i have similar issue. There seem that the option to set background in Theme option doesn't work as I can still see the default blue bg there. It only works to go to page and set feature image and we have to set all as the bg option is not taking effect; and still the individual post doesn't inherit from its blog page:
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