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when using the button via muffin builder, there is an option to align the button. I would like to do that using the shortcode, but I do not see any attribute corresponding to this in the documentation and my guessing did not yield any fruits. Please clue me in on what attribute I may add to the shortcode to add this behaviour.

Thank you in advance :)


  • Hey,

    you are definitely right. We forgot to add this parameter for raw shortcode what would be sorted with next update of course.

  • Hey,

    thanks for the quick reply. Could you please provide the attribute here until then, so I can apply it to my code?
  • Hey,

    after looking through the shordcode files myself, I found that the attribute is indeed called align with left/center/right as possible settings.

    This however does not work, since the css property used here only applies to buttons wrapped within a .column_button element. When using the raw shortcode, this wrapper does not get provided. I hope this helps you fix the issue :)
  • Yep I really need this too!
  • But the whole trick is that there is no attribute. It needs to be coded into shortcode first.
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