GoDaddy suspended site due to Envato Back-up folder

I have recently had a major problem and now I am afraid to update your theme as it seems to create an Envato back-up folder.
This became so huge that GoDaddy suspended our site until I removed the folder. Which I did.
However, they are now insisting that the folder should never be created again.

Which means that I am reluctant to do your latest update as it could create the back-up folder, and start the problem all over again.
For your reference the message from GoDaddy said the following:

"Your website hosting account is storing files in a manner for which it is not intended or compatible. While you will need to fully review your current and intended usage, the following is of primary concern at this time: --wp-content/envato-backups 

Whether or not the content is linked or otherwise in use, using a shared web hosting plan to store large files and/or large or growing file collections causes and contributes to various issues which negatively impact our service and, in turn, its performance and availability to other customers. 

While file hosting services and server plans are designed to host large individual files and/or large collections of files, your website hosting plan is designed and optimized to serve website pages as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

It is therefore necessary for you to not just reduce, but fully remove/move this improper usage to a compatible platform without further delay. "


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