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Forum has been created to help all our customers in properly working our theme. We offer complete help with configuration theme and make default look, just like on our Be|theme demo. We don`t offer theme customization.

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Bryan [Support Team]


Bryan [Support Team]
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  • shilpi
    Hi Bryan,

    I'm having a ton of issues with this theme. So, much so that I'm thinking of uninstalling it and buying a brand new theme.

    Attached is a screenshot of why I'm not able to upgrade.

    Sorry, I'm not able to attach anything here...

    June 1
  • bgaction
    Dear Muffin Support,

    We have experienced the theme reverted back to BeTheme theme many times in the past few days. Following is the info of the php:

    Can you please help to guide us to fix this. For your information we are using the jetpack plugin. Does it matter?


    April 29
    • bgaction
      Hi Muffin Support,

      Any update on this?

  • flolucious
    Hey Guys, 
    how can i open a ticket? 
    Thank you
    April 23
  • alexhoogteijling
    Dear Muffin Support,

    Regarding the memory_limit value, my hosting provider told that the current value should be enough because I have a fast webhosting package and cannot be upgraded because I am on a shared environment.
    However, this dit not fix the problem.
    Do you have any other suggestions? 
    my website is
    March 27
  • Bernd012

    Updating Plugin LayerSlider WP

    The tip with the shutdown of the plugins does not work.
    Have the WordPress reinstalled, it comes the same error message

    -> Updating Plugin LayerSlider WP (1/1)
    Updating LayerSlider WP: Update package not available.

    Disabling Maintenance mode ...

    All updates have been completed.

    Sorry, do not see where I can post the post here.
    Should be placed under "Unable to update LayerSlider WP"

    February 19
  • fedepixelkingdom
    Hey guys..  did you on purpose say "Please sign in to see answear!"  because it should be "Please sign in to see the answer!"

    just thought of make you guy know that it was wrongly spelled and its missing "the"

    March 2017
  • fedepixelkingdom
    following ( )

    (which btw I cant find the way to reply)

    I tried what you guys said and it works BUT the words get "cut" in which ever part and unfortunately that is not an option. 

    Is there a way that "when resizing down" the font also respond to scale? at least the h2 

    It seems that when it reaches 820px wide it goes crazy overlapping .. 

    Thanks. You guys are amazing
    March 2017
    • fedepixelkingdom
      you can check that error here ->