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Problem with creating new post in Post section in admin menu
  • Hi guys, first I wanna thank you for this great Theme. I didnt have any problems so far, but suddenly something went wrong and I have problem with creating new post for a Blog page.
    When I click on "Add new" button for creating new post in section "Posts" in admin menu it will open page for creating new post (everything going right here), but on this page in the title (where is shown: "Enter title here") it will automatically fill in this title section with previous post title I have made. I have already deleted that old post with that name, but it still continues with filling in this old title, even if I delete it and write there something else instead, after few seconds old title is back. And it also filling in (still on that page, where I am creating new post) tags from old post. but I also deleted those tags from wordpress. So I really dont understand whats happening. I have reinstalled wordpress and also cleared browser cache and wordpress cache but didnt help.
    I can provide you my admin access if you dont know what exactly I mean or you dont know answer. It will help me a lot and I appreciate your help in addvance. Thanks a lot:)
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  • And I have just realized that it also filling in title when I wanna create new page and it freeze website for few seconds and it is almost impossible to continue working on this this way. Guys, please, help me, I am counting on you :)
  • I do not know what happened again, but that bug is gone. It have just started work again correctly.
    I was trying to create new page, save it and set some sections and items in Muffin builder and it started to work right way. Fortunately.
    No more problems anymore, let´s continue working smoothly with this great theme:):)

  • Hello again,
    today, I have started to work on my website and bug showed again :(
    I was so angry, therefore was looking for solution on the internet and after 3hours found out this:

    So I realized it was a mistake of LastPass software. First, I though about LastPass but it does not make me a sense that LastPass could remember everything, not only title, but also Tags and whole content in items within Muffin Bulder. And also Wordpress has been slowed and sometimes didnt work whatsoever.
    But in spite of all these doubts it turned out it was LastPass!!

    Anyway, thanks for quick respond guys and hope this could help somebody in a future:)
  • But LastPass software is not Wordpress plugin. That was totally weird. It works as an extension for web browser and it is password manager. Apparently it also can remember all fields on website and then automatically fill in them.