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  • Hi,

    I'd like to do as much as the below footer. Please kindly advise.

    1) Is it possible to layout the menus as shown in (1) ?
    2) I have a subscription plugin from Jetpack and it comes as a widget. However, is there anyway to place the widget in the position shown in (2) ?
    3) I managed to do this successfully. So no need help on this.
    4) How do I change the background in section (4) below ? Can I change the background colour and perhaps insert an image ? Also, can I change the font colour in footers ?
    5) How do I add a 'log in' widget in my site ? What plugins do you recommend please ?
    6) Is it possible to add a logo in the position as shown in (6) ?


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  • Thanks for the prompt reply.

    1) I can try with 'Text' but which footer do I insert it under ? Because there are 4 footer sections and how to stretch the text layout/columns across the page like in the pic ?

    2) Can you advise or give some idea how to do this please ? or perhaps link me to somewhere that can guide me to start pls ?

    4) the url of the site that I would like to follow is Please advise me how.

    6) do you do this please ? or give me some tips please ? if not, would a professional web designer be able to modify the theme files ? or he would require access from you guys ? sorry, i'm kinda new to web design
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  • Regarding (4), I've seen many times where by someone requests advice/assistance on how to customize or change certain parts of your theme to suit to their needs and you help them. On various occasions, you even provide the css code for them.

    Same goes for me. I would like to customize the footer of brandon theme to look as much as the site in 4).
    I dunno why you are referring to the css of that site instead.

    Just curious as to why am I treated differently please. Most of my questions I've asked, even in previous threads, you give half-hearted replies i.e 'sorry we don't do this etc etc etc'

    Actually some of the replies that you gave earlier to previous questions were not right. Because after I've searched the forums and threads carefully again, I noticed you provided solutions for others, in fact some of the things I asked earlier, I was able to do myself after extensive googling for solutions. So it is possible to customize your theme - it's just that you're too lazy to assist. You might as well just reply to all my questions to ask my developer's advice instead !
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  • And yet you continue to provide assistance to people who ask about 'customizations' and 'modifications' fact, the 'theme support' mainpage are full of them.

    So I don't get it. Do you provide or do you not ? What's the purpose of this forum then ? For you to tell people you don't feel like supporting to check with their developers ?

    Anyway, thanks for your great help.
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  • Ok my apologies, I wasn't aware of that. I guess you could say i'm quite the noob in terms of web design/development, so i have lots to learn.

    Thanks for your advice and assistance.
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