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Responsive and Clickable Phone Numbers for Mobile
  • How do I make it so that a Call-able/ Clickable Phone number will be right under the Logo in a mobile phone?  I would prefer to actually even make this a button "Tap to Call".

    Thank You,


    (beautiful theme:)
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  • I want to keep this in the clickable phone number thread...but now that you've seen the stats for how the population are using mobile devices for local search, I'd like to show you a feature that I would love for you to implement in a future theme:

    look at this on a mobile phone:   at the bottom of the phone, they've made it so that the phone number to call the business never goes away.   That is an awesome, AWESOME feature for local business websites.

    Now, would I use their theme?  Nope.  The rest of it looks dated by 8 years.  Here is another sample by a gentleman who has just finally gotten the layout correct for local companies and lead generation for them (I'm only really talking about the header area where the phone number, location, and hours are, and optin box).
    Check both the desktop and mobile version here:
    However, I would not actually use this theme because of it's lack of features and outdated look.

    One last example of a feature, instead of maps, install a "Get Directions" like here:

    Well, that's my wish list due to the major amount of user preferences and tendencies:)  Have a great day guys!

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  • I hope so.  Your themes are easy (ish) to use and look nice.  Just need more of the marketing functionality put into them for a local business guy like me.


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  • How can I increase the font size of the phone number, so that it fills the iPhone screen (it would also be nice to make the email address larger to). Please advise! Thanks.
  • Found the answer, thanks. Added this to Custom CSS:

    #Header .addons { font-size: 20px; }
    #Header .addons p.mail { font-size: 20px; }

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