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Blog with right sidebar as a Homepage
  • Hi guys!

    First of all thank you for your great theme and support.

    I'm creating an online magazine, and I want my main page to be the Blog, showing the content. So I set up Last Posts in my Homepage (Settings>Reading). But with this configuration I only can add widgets int the footer area, any left or right sidebar won't show up on my homepage. I think I tried every possible configuration with the Theme's and wordpress Settings to get a right sidebar, but it won't show up.

    I tried setting up a Static Homepage, and creating a Blog page, but the Last Posts and Homepage must be different pages, and I need the Content to be shown in my homepage. I also tried to add a Content Item in a Static Homepage, but it won't show the posts either.

    There's any way to have a Homepage that shows the Posts with a right sidebar containing widgets?

    The project's URL:

    Thanks for your help!
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  • Thank you, now I have a sidebar!

    But I won't be able to add any widget on it. I just get the message "This template supports the sidebar's widgets. Add one or use Full Width layout". I have Right Sidebar on "Them Options>Getting Started>Sidebars", and I also tried adding a new sidebar in this section. I tried adding widgets both in the "WooCommerce sidebar" area, and the new sidebar I created from the Theme Options. The widgets should be working, because they are the same that works on the footer areas.
  • Hi! 

    I didn't have any Blog page at all, since the posts show up directly on my Homepage. Now I tried adding a Blog page and setting up the right sidebar on it, but it has same problem, widgets won't show up. I erased the sidebar and made a new one, tried both the Blog page and the Homepage, nothing worked out so far.

    Actually I started wordpress instalation from scratch 3 times already, and installed older and newest version of bretheon theme few times, and always had same issue with sidebars (i think only once worked out in one sample page, but I don't know how I did). There's nothing else in my server right now, wordpress 3.7 installed from scratch and last version of bretheon theme. Maybe is some basic wordpress setting (I'm new in wordpress), or some problem with the server (

    How can I send you "access", is it safe to post user and password here?

    Thanks for your help

  • I made the sidebar widgets to show up on a new empty page. But when I set up the Posts to show up in that page (Settings>Reading), the widgets disapear.

    I'm working in the new Blog page I created, but have in mind that my goal is to have the Posts in my Homepage as I have now, not in a secondary Blog page. 

    How can I send you "access" to my dashboard? is it safe to post user and password here?

    Thanks for your help
  • Was there any success for the customer above? I have been having the same issue. I installed everything correctly, but on the woocommerce pages, the sidebar does not show up correctly at all and on other pages, the page is formatted to full width even though I have a sidebar set up in theme options.
  • I solved the issue. the WooCommerce templates pointed to their own sidebar instead of the dynamic sidebar in your theme. Thank you for your time.
  • I just though I'd chime in there that you will also most likely want to set
    .blog .widget-area { margin-bottom: 0; }
    in the css.