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Contact Page Custom Subject

  • Hi,

    Great theme. I have my theme set up well and everything appears to be working properly. Now I've found a more practical problem.

    When I receive emails via the contact form, they come into my inbox just as normal. This causes me a problem because i get hundreds of emails a day and sometimes they get lost.

    I would like to be able to identify these quickly by their subject lines in my mail client by appending 'Contact Form Enquiry:' onto the beginning of the subject line.

    How can I do this?

    Many Thanks,

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  • Thanks, that solved it. Just for reference, for people like me who don't understand code, this was what I changed:

    //$subject .= ', from: ' .$name ;


    $subject .= ': [Website Enquiry] ' ;

    Thanks, great theme.

  • Does your code ($subject .= ': [Website Enquiry] ' ;) still allow them to specify a subject?  Ideally I would love for everything to stay the same functionally but for the email subject to be...  "Website Inquiry - contact form subject" instead of "contact form subject"
  • I got different problem with contact form - about encoding.
    I am using polish special characters and when I put such sample:
    ĘÓĄŚŁŻŹĆŃęóąśłżźćń (into name, subject and content)

    I receive this (in each appropraite places):


    I don't know where is the problem. In theme's functions/theme-mail.php file (or somwhere else), in core Wordpress, or on my server side. Any idea?

    I can add, that when I post whichever letters from other places (like
    gmail) and it goes through my server it comes properly coded, so I don't
    think it is on server side, but maybe I am wrong.

  • The second problem is I receive this in From: field:

    From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of [Name of Sender Here]
    How to ged rid of my own mail and leave only:
    From: [Name of Sender Here]


  • Sorry for disturbing you, but after this change in code the form stopped sending mesages at all. The submit button stopped responding. When I reverted to default, it started to work.

    Anyway, this is not as important as wrong encoding problem.
    I wrote an email to my host support, but I have bad luck with this new host becase their support is almost dead. I am afraid I will have to wait few days for answer...

    So, maybe for you it is 5 sec. job to find the problematic setting in my php.ini file... If you are so kind and can give me suggestion what to change to have proper UFT-8 (with polish characters) encoding, it would be really great. I am giving the link to txt file with php.ini settings.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Thank you very much !!!!
    Great support indeed.

    P.S. As expected, still no any answer from them. You were quicker than my own server support. Shame on them!
  • Once again, forgive me.
    I think, it will be helpful for you as well, because I discovered something interesting regarding functions/theme-mail.php file.

    I was trying to change php.ini on my server in many combinations, but with no success. Now it is as it was.
    So, I started searching in Google for similar problem. After few minutes I've found something.

    Instead of deafult:

    $headers = 'From: '. $name .' <'. $email .'>';

    I've put this:

    $headers = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n";
    $headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8' . "\r\n";
    $headers .= 'From: '. $name .' <'. $email .'>' . "\r\n";

    Now I can have proper characters in Message field!
    This proves, that without any changes on server side it is possible to solve this issue.

    Unfortunately there is a still problem with Subject and Name fields. Now comes my humble request. Because I am not a coder, and I am not able to guess what to change or add to have the same positive effect Subject and Name fields, I am kindly asking you to take a look at it. Maybe it will give an idea in which direction to go to solve this issue for all headers.

    I am attaching the pic to show you how it looks like in Outlook:

    As you can see I've uderlinerd and numebered some places.

    1. This mail address I don't need at all. It is my own internal server mail address after which goes "w imieniu" what means "on behalf of" (this words I don't need too). I want to delete this underlined field completely.

    2. As you can see there is still coding problem with Name.

    3. Coding problem with Subject.

    Notice: to complicate it even more, there are differences in coding (different ISO???) between Subject field (No. 3 on my pic) and Name field (No. 2 on my pic). Look at word "Próba".
    In Subject it is readible, but in Name it is broken (the same word in both fields).


  • Just now I've read your last comment :) Of course, I am going to leavea  nice comment and rate you!
  • And thank for your advice regarding hosting, but I have a little problem. Technically it is OK. It hace installed XCache caching option, and Caffeine theme with Rev Slider is opening in 1,5-2 seconds, which is not bad :) The only problem is with support. They are saying, if I have VPS, I should know how to manage it and cope with such problems as above. The other side is waitning for any answer few days...
    Beside, I would have big problem in shitfing it to any other hosting due to over 5000 Portfolio items with pics. I've even tried once, but there were errors in importing SQL databease to the new server. It is not possible to input again all those items manually. Not so easy...
  • You are 100% right. After my last post here I talked to the owner of this hosting company and he explained me everything in details about their policy. Everything is OK now.
    Now I know too, that Message part is different than Subject and Name and last two are managed on server's side.
    Nevertheless, they promised to help me today in the evening. It's fine.
    Thank you very much.
  • Hi, Bad news... Now I am 200% sure the culprit is Caffeine form. Why? I installed different theme, Avada to be precise. And what? Everything went smoothly! No any problem with headers any more!
    I repeated Caffeine on my second VPS and the same problems with coding as on the first one. Again Avada and again success.
    It cannot be server then, right?
    I am attaching Avada's CODE from their root's contact.php, Maybe this will give you an idea what can be wrong? Please, take a look. It is important for me to have proper coding with Caffeine. Very much.

  • P.S. My host's main manager took a deep look into my VPS and didn't find anything wrong. Then I made this attempt...
  • I apologize for not replying for so long. I just forgot about this discussion... Too much work. Everything else on PM. Thanks!!!!