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Export/Import Kora settings
  • Hi,
    I'm setup a wordpress site with kora theme in a local machine/web server.
    Now all are done and configured .. it's time to go to real world.
    Copy all files via ftp from local disc to ftp web server on my ISP.
    Backup my Wordpress SQL database using phpMySqlAdmin and import them in my new database locate on ISP web server.
    All are done, except, koda settings. All are empty, like in a new instalation.

    Searching in my db backup sql script ... nothing found referer my kora settings !

    Please, how make a kora settings backup to export into new wordpress site ?
    Thanks !
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  • Hi, thanks ...
    Yes, I have a sql insert line like:
    (4127, 'kora', 'a:165:{s:8:"last_tab";s:13:"layout-header";s:10:"responsive";s:1:"1";s:7:"mfn-seo";s:1:"1";s:16:"meta-description" .....
    and it contain my kora options (sidebars, translate text, etc)

    I made the insert manually into myPhpAdmin, after insert ... if I made a Select to this row ... the data is the data that I've inserted ... 
    Now, if i browse my wordpress site (only browse the welcome page...), return to myphpAdmin, select that row ... and voila !!, the row data apears with 'default configuration', like when installs Kora Theme by first time.
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  • Ok. Thanks again.
    Does not work for me, but it is not too important.
    In a few minutes I configure again the theme.
    I will test and comment on the results here.
    You may have to do with my charset is utf-8.

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  • i have the same problem.. are there any hints?