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How to create sidebar and set up for page?

edited February 2017 in Other
This topic is for all those who want to create sidebar for right page and don`t know how to do it :) Below you have step by step explanation how to create sidebar and set it up:

1 step: Please go to Theme options > Sidebars > General section and create sidebar(s) that you need. After that click "Save changes" what is really important.

2 step: Go to Appearance > Widgets section and already created sidebar from step no. 1 will be waiting for you. Just put right widgets into sidebar.

3 step: If you want to select this sidebar for page, then please go to Pages section and edit page for which you want sidebar. Under Muffin Builder section you have 2 values:

    3.1) Layout (choose if you want sidebar on left or right side)
    3.2) Sidebar (select already created sidebar for page)

After above 3 steps your site will get sidebar :) Enjoy!


  • Hi there,

    Thanks for posting this, as it helped me to create my sidebars today. I would like to point out what is either a bug in the sidebar code, or simply a missing step in your documentation. 

    If you want to create a sidebar today, you have to click "Hide Title Area" in the page attributes. You cannot have both a sidebar and a title, I verified this today and it's easily reproducible. 

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  • Hi,

    This post helped me to create sidebars for others pages but I don't no why is not appearing sidebar on home page ("your recent posts" page).

    Can you help me? 

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  • I don't know exactly how, but I made it work. Thanks!!! 
  • How about getting woocommerce product pages and category pages to use a sidebar as your demo does? Mine are defaulting to full width. Thank you.
  • Sorry, nevermind. I found out how to do it.
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  • Sure, I discovered the built-in WooCommerce sidebar in the widgets screen, which said as long as there were widgets placed into it, WC pages would display that sidebar.
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  • Hello,

    I'm trying to put the sidebar on one of the pages, but it doesn't work. 
    How do i get the sidebar to work on the homepage. On other pages it doesn't work either, so (probbably) i'm doing something wrong with the settings to get the sidebar work.

    I followed the steps above, even put the whole thing to "force" but the sidebar (text with images) doesn't show. 

    Can you help me out on this? 
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  • edited March 2015
    I created sitebar without problems, but how can I define margin, padding or background color for sitebar? Thank you very muchforyour help.
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  • Is there a way to display the sidebar above the content on mobile devices? Like copying page.php, renaming it and copying the <?php get_sidebar(); ?> above <div class="sections_group">? I run woocommerce and on there are product filter on the shop page (in the sidebar), which would make sense to display at the top, when viewing on mobile.

    Any ideas?
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  • Is it possible to make menu in sidebar and fix it? I mean that if  i scroll, menu (secondary)  will be scrolled too. Like here
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  • may be you can advice some plugin? (
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    nEXT QUESTION, WHEN I PUT ROW ID the scroll effect is not smooth. Tryed to turn on 
    (one page)  in options of pages but didn't work, what you can advice? 

    Or again you don't know? ))
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  • pls where i can getthis extra scroll class? may be some document index where i can read it?
  • edited May 2015
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  • honestly couldt make it couse i'm zero in css. May be you can show link to tutorial. i'm zero in css and html (
  • may be in demos there is smth same, may be you can say in what demo i'l try to do it.
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  • ok, i understand you, i just wanted to make scroll but it didn;t worked, than you said second way is css class=scroll. Sorry for disturbing you.
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  • I have tried different ways to make the sidebar work for the blog post pages.
    It isn't showing for me when I am editing the page and I select right side bar layout, no drop down options show up for the sidebar drop down so I cannot select one (I have one created in widgets).
    I also tried to add the sidebar widget name in the theme options and for post select the layout with right side bar. 
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