How to apply an independent theme to WooCommerce inside a BeTheme wordpress site


Is it possible (and how) unleash WooCommerce from BeTheme Template? Explain, I made a website with Wordpress+BeTheme, but WooCommerce under BeTheme has a restrictive layout. So I want to maintain all wordpress with BeTheme but with Woocommerce do not use the BeTheme.

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  • Hi,

    unfortunately it is not possible because for WooCommerce we created some html files and also many styles. So if you want to use different theme for woocommerce, then you can install independent theme under subdomain and use it for woocommerce. In our opinion this is the only possible way to do what you need.

    Thanks for understanding!
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    Have to say that is kind of a retarded approach since the layout is FAR from Best Practice. It could even qualify as HORRIBLE UX.

    Something that looks like plain shit (excuse me) out of the box is far from impressive.

    When can we, your paying customers, expect you to adapt to best practices with this "the best theme ever" ?
    A planned date would be nice.
  • @timothyvass Can you explain what is horrible? You saw this page on our demo before you purchased this theme so we don`t understand what is horrible. If you will explain what you mean, then we can think about changes while future updates.

    BTW with next update we`l add option to move accordions for single page product under the photo because some users requested that this should be changed and the option wil be ready before the end of this week.
  • can I please ask?
    has the option to move accordion under the photo been implemented?
    How do I do this?
  • @jry19 We added this with last updates. This option is available in Theme options > Getting started > Shop section but you must update theme first if you use older version.
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