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UberMenu Integration?

Is it possible to integrate UberMenu so it has the same appearance of the native mega menu? The native mega menu lacks a lot of functionality that UberMenu has... I installed UberMenu but it looks terrible in the theme...


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  • Important!!!!!
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    I second this! Ubermenu integration would be excellent! Actually it does work but not out-of-the-box, i.e. you have to do a lot of styling to get it looking good.

    An alternative would of course be to make the muffin menu more flexible, but why reinvent the wheel
  • I Concur, an Ubermenu integration would add enormous potential to the Theme Menu!
  • The only problem with integrating a third party plugin is that the theme author / seller then has to add that to their support items.  These folks over at Themeforest that sell a theme with Revolution, Uber, and Visual Composer sell themes like hotcakes.  Then it comes time to support their own theme and it's almost impossible because they are spending so much time answering questions about all those plugins.

    If I buy a License for Uber, would someone be willing to help with a step by step tutorial for installing it should there be any conflicts?
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  • Ok, well... Thanks for the reply. But just to be absolutely, positively, totally, completely clear, certain, and no language barrier hurdles, ...

    I do NOT want you to customize UberMenu.  I am NOT asking for you to customize UberMenu. I do NOT need you to customize UberMenu. I do NOT desire for you to touch UberMenu.  I do not require, request, ask, [or anything else] from anyone at Muffin Group, to do anything with UberMenu.  

    ...and, I'm almost positive that NO ONE else who is a ThemeForest User, a plugin buyer, a veteran of WordPress, is asking anyone over at Muffin Group to do any customizations of UberMenu.

    UberMenu, SevenSpark, Chris, provides support in his own forums, he does it very well, and he does it excellently.  I hope this is very crystal clear and not in any way vague.  I do understand that some folks might ask, but the GENERAL PUBLIC is simply asking this: 

    WILL UBER WORK with Be|Theme?  

    In other words, have you coded anything into YOUR theme which will inhibit, prohibit, interfere, impede, break, stop, create errors, invoke code conflicts, interrupt, lessen, cause to fail, destroy, or in anyway cause UberMenu to NOT work with your theme?  

    It's really a simple question folks. 
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  • edited September 2015
    Integrate with UberMenu!  BeTheme Mega Menu sucks!

    NOTE:  The all-time best selling themes all integrate with UberMenu accept you.  And clearly you are being outsold by 5-1.  You are losing thousands of dollars a week to Avada and overall the BeTheme is a better theme.  

    Last week alone, BeTheme sold 394 compared to Avada that sold a whopping 1562,  Do the math! (see  There is a reason for that!!  Wise up! Its things like this. For example,  BeTheme Mega Menu completely stinks!  Don't try to be a Mega Menu builder, integrate with the best (UberMenu).  You integrate with Visual Composer and Revolution Slider and Layers, why not the 5th best selling plugin, UberMenu?

    Here is a sample list of top themes integrated with Ubermenu, and its something UberMenu will provide support, NOT YOU ( Chris with UberMenu will provide the knowledge base and integration support.  This is a NO BRAINER!!

    We are using UberMenu with BeTheme, however there are a few integrations problems, such as the Hamburger menu of BeThemes remains active when in Responsive / Mobile view.  Thus there ends up being two hamburgers, one for UberMenu and one for BeTheme menu. There is no way to turn off the hamburger menu under the BeTheme Options / Responsive.

    BeTheme currently integrates with 4 of the top selling plugins  except UberMenu. (   Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Layer Slider, but NO UberMenu?  Last week alone UberMenu had 218 sales. In fact, Layer Slider barely outpaces UberMenu for sales in CodeCanyon. 

    This thread has been a year in the making (September 2014) and still no integration one of the Top 5 most selling plugins (UberMenu)?  Rethink the BeTheme lack of integration with UberMenu.  

    We ALL look forward to the upcoming 9.6 release with UberMenu.   Thanks for listening to your customers and for being open to implement our concerns!!
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  • edited September 2015
    I understand, but I do think it provides more value to your theme.  Just like many other features that you have. Many of which are probably not used by everyone, but its still available to use. I probably don't use half the shortcodes, features, etc.  However, all of the options available is what makes BeTheme a one-stop choice.  Yes, the BeTheme does work with UberMenu, but I argue that for Mega Menu, it is lacking. Unless you can tell me your Mega Menu can do this:, which is what I need to replicate to an extent, then I am left to UberMenu.  That being said, how can I turn off the menu (responsive) completely?  Other than that issue, it does work with BeTheme because the guys at UberMenu made it work with virtually every theme.  

    Here is the problem, I am using UberMenu which replaces the BeTheme functionality (which is perfect and what it is designed to do), however once the BeTheme becomes responsive, the BeTheme hamburger becomes active, and thus it creates both the UberMenu hamburger (which is what I want) AND the BeTheme hamburger. Both menus are showing up at the same time in responsive.  The UberMenu hamburger correctly has the links to the appropriate page and the BeTheme menu is blank, no links and not functional - which is fine, but I don't want it to appear at all. So, can you please advise how to turn off BeTheme hamburger menu in responsive? 

    On a side note, despite the fact that Avada may suck in comparison, they've made millions!  Clearly ThemeFusion has been doing something right. [Hat tip to them]. Personally, I have used Avada and agree with you about BeTheme being better. If I did not think so, I wouldn't be using or recommending BeTheme. 

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Okay, I will send private message.  In the meantime, I have included 3 screenshots so you can see what I am referring to on the testing site.  Thanks!!






  • Okay, PM sent!  Thanks in advance.
  • Did anybody get an answer to this.
    It seems BeTheme developers are avoiding this like the plague.
    Have they admitted defeat on this one?
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  • Regardless of whether there is interest in UberMenu or not. Providing an impressive theme, like BeTheme, with a ability to easily, and seamlessly integrate UberMenu only boosts the selling point.

    I have had a little success in integrating UberMenu with BeTheme. It works, but once enabled, it requires custom CSS to appear like the native BeTheme menu.

    Personllay, I would love to see UberMenu integrated in future releases.
  • yes, integrate with ubermenu in future updates please. I can wait...
  • ubermenu supprt would be great!
  • Have you integrated Ubermenu yet?
    Or does someone have a tutorial how to do this?
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  • I agree, Ubermenu would be great!! Please integrate as soon as possible @muffingroup 
  • PLease Integrate as soon as possible, I know few more people that use betheme and would love to integrate ubermenu.

  • ubermenu user here, would like this to be seamlessly integrated. 
  • ubermenu user here, would like this to be seamlessly integrated +2
  • the developers says:

    Requirements for Automatic Integration

    The following are additionally required of your theme if you wish to integrate UberMenu automatically, rather than adding a line of PHP to your theme template.

    1. Proper use of the wp_nav_menu function
    2. Use of the theme_location setting within the wp_nav_menu arguments
    3. properly registered theme location
    4. No use of the menu setting within the wp_nav_menu arguments
    5. Modular coding – CSS and JS based on the container ID or class passed to wp_nav_menu, rather than a hard-coded wrapper class

    Any properly coded theme will meet requirements 1-4.

    If requirement 5 is not met, you may have residual styling or residual scripting from the theme (meaning the theme’s CSS and javascript will interfere with UberMenu’s functionality). If so, you can just replace it with UberMenu’s manual integration code.

  • edited November 2017
    Is Ubermenu integrated yet or plan to in the near future? Really looking forward to this implementation. 
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  • Hi,

    we installed UberMenu at this site:
    The desktop version is working well. But on mobile the pull-down "arrow" form the menu doesn't work.
    Therefor i want to manually integrate UberMenu. In which php file do i find the menu line? In header.php nothing is found. 
    In the video Tutorial of UberMenu they say we have to search for "main-nav" to overwrite that. Can you say where the menu code is in betheme?
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