Fixed-Header Option

How can I show the revolution slider complete.
When the page loads, the revolution slider is showen down the menu,
if you scroll down and then go up the revolution slider is complete.

I want to see the complete revolution slider inmediatily I open the page.



  • Hi,

    please send us url to your website where you have revolution slider and we`ll have a look what you did so far because we are not sure what you mean.
  • Hi

    The web is
    the banner is under the header, and I can see the banner complete only when I scroll down and the up to the top.

    And in mobile phone, I can see the banner complete but if I scroll down and then up to the top,
    the header is showing like the header image or I think so, but the header got bigger height when I do that.


  • Please try to use below css in this case:
    .header_placeholder { height: 60px; }
  • I did it, but now is inverse.

    When you load the page, the silder is complete, but when you srcoll down and the srcoll up
    the slider is not showen completely.

    I was looking with code inspector and when I scroll up the .header_placeholder height is 0px
    I mean it overwrithes the style when srcolling down and up.


  • Above code is the only thing we can give you in this case because there is nothing else what can be done. But if this won`t help, then we really have no idea how else we can help. Please maybe try above code but with !important declaration, as below:
    .header_placeholder { height: 60px !important; }
    But if this is not what you are looking for then sorry but we have no idea what else we can do.

    Thanks for understanding!
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