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I was using muffin builder for making the pages. I started having an issue where the formatting would kind of collapse on itself. The footer would be in the middle of the page and would cut off any content on the page. So this issue was there, and i checked with another browser and it was fine there. After some time, it started to appear on all browsers. So now i decided to stop suffering and use site origin page builder. But the formatting issue is still there on some pages.

Live examples : - Home page (has an issue i think) - Another page (on firefox its fine, on chrome its broken the same way) - Another page (on firefox and chrome, its broken.)

Can you please investigate? This is tedious.


  • Hi,

    Please open your website in Firefox html mode (CTRL+U) and check what html errors you got. Please fix it and all should be fine.
  • Hi,

    I checked the CTRL+U panel, and i saw a line of red text relating to a plugin i had installed. I have disabled the plugin but the issue is still there. Im not sure what im looking for in the CTRL+U source panel.

    Any thoughts?
  • Bump.

    I do not have any special formatting on the site. Why would it start breaking pages out of nowhere?
  • It seems to be that the bottom padding has stopped automatically increasing to accomodate anything in the content div. How can I resolve this? Manually adjusting is not a good option.

    Please help me resolve this.
  • At this moment all we see is footer on but this won`t go to bottom because you don`t have any content under the slider. So please explain what exactly you want to do? Move this footer to bottom so it will be always sticky to bottom section or what exactly?
  • Making sure the footer always sticks to the bottom would be good. The problem is that I do have content under the slider and the footer still wont go to the bottom. So if there is an option to force the footer to stick to the bottom of the page, lets try that.

    Let me know.

  • The only thing is possible, below css will do for you:
    #Footer { position:fixed; width:100%; left:0; bottom:0; z-index:3; }
    But it is not possible to do anything else and if you want footer to be in bottom, you must use more content or make sliders larger in height.
  • Hi,

    I tried your code and it has moved the footer to the bottom. Thanks.

    However, the content does not follow. Look I know you think i do not understand you, but in the case of this page :

    I have 3 text widgets of 5 lines follow by a google map link on the right and a contact form on the left. There is enough content on that page to push the footer down as needed, however it does not do that, it does not expand by itself. Your code has expanded the footer but the content box has not expanded. I can provide you with the WP admin credentials if you want to take a look. 

    But honestly, this should not happen. This started 2-3 days back when I was editing a page and when i previewed the page this problem started, at first not on all pages but it eventually grew. I did not edit css code nor did i open ftp and made changes there. 

    Please view the link above and help me out on this please.

  • Okay I managed to solve this. I am extremely irked that the theme decided to cut whatever content I had to less than half and only editing the css would solve this. It was fine when I started working on it, it was okay and during development it popped up. I am also not happy at your response on this. For a theme of this quality this was a bad experience for me. However you might have been busy or something.

    The code I had popped into custom CSS in BeTheme options to get it functioning again is : 

    .section { height:auto; }
    #Footer { position:fixed; width:100%; left:0; bottom:0; z-index:3; }

    Hopefully this helps some one. Thanks.
  • Thanks for your css but it is exactly the same code as we gave you above. And as we wrote this was the only possible way to do what you need in your case.

    Also we were not available on Sunday as we do not work then. If you want to check what time we work, you should have a look at

    Thanks for understanding!
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