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Section Background Center No-Repeat Fixed Cover iPad visual bug


I just selected a wide image for a section background and selected Center No-Repeat Fixed Cover.
On desktop it performs great, like a page background showing only within that section.
On android smartphone it defaults to a fixed backgroudn and it is preaty much ok showing it's content from tob to bottom and being cut on the sides (more on portrait than on landscape). No parallax behavior.
Now, on my iPad mini 2 (ios 9.0.1) the image is showing as a fixed centered at the bottom with a 1 to 1 resolution. Looks terrible. Its a pixelated binder that a lady is holding. Only no lady to be seen lol.

Is this a known issue with a specific setting?


  • edited November 2015
    Ok, i figured that ios cant handle background-attachment: fixed;. If I set the section background to parallax, I will get parallax on desktop and at least an image on ios, but is there any way to fall back from background-attachment: fixed; to background-attachment: scroll; ? (not using jQ css change tricks)
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  • That's not an option. Its a really nice looking doctor and a lot of other doctors are going to see her on iPad :D

    I went with this solution:
    @supports (-webkit-text-size-adjust:none) and (not (-ms-accelerator:true)) {
    .myBGclass {
    background-attachment: scroll!important;

    This targets ios devices leaving a static cover background. But it works as you intended on desktop browsers.

    Can you implement this fix on the theme's css and check with the other section background modes?
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  • Hey, if you want to hire me for bug finder and troubleshooter... Just sayin'
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