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I recently checked the link of post after your theme install and I found that there is like count appear along with post title in the google search result. Is there any way to turn off the like or love count in the theme... it is also appearing in meta tags.


Please need a immediate resolve in this regard.


  • To remove counters from blog posts, please use below css:
    .post-footer .button-love a.mfn-love { display: none !important; }
    .post-header .button-love a.mfn-love { display: none !important; }
    Hope this will help you because we can`t be responsible for Google which really su***. Content in title should be exactly the same as content inside title tags on page. But in this case google takes this heart into title without no reason.
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    Not just counter you can see that date is also appearing in the title ..

    I am using Yoast SEO plugin and does your built-in SEO plugin filters things better than this plugin ? ..

     Do you have any sample post with these counter and author and date included please check if your built in SEO plugin does filter this in search then I will better use built in SEO fields.... please provide links to such sample post ..!!
  • As we wrote above this is not related with seo plugin or anything like that. Google bots just take any content they want into search engine and it is not related with plugin or even theme at all. In this case you should contact with people responsible for search engine results as this one really su**. If you will change from Yoast into our seo fields, you will get the same result because as you see, google took values from content into search engine.

    P.S. Please send us url to page where this happen in case and we`ll have a look on it becuase maybe somehow you really have those numbers in the code.

    Thanks for understanding!
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    Its only because the counter and date of publish has been inside the post title or taking attributes from it. Can you refer any other blogger site using your theme.

    The affected post are the first two recent post I published after theme install. 

    Please send any link to ensure that it is not common for all of your theme users.. Or I may go for a refund it case its your theme fault.

    I also asked in google forums and they say it is the problem of schema markup gone bad terribly. They are not disclosing as to what going wrong but the indicate that markup of widget counts and date of published are similar for title also so it is appearing as mixed state.......

    Look at the link below and you could see how much errors are there in your theme markups... for each post posted in your theme....

    I need a proper answer to when such errors will be fixed and can I get a refund if these errors can be fixed ?
  • Sorry but as we see, under link above you have different theme than our so we can`t have a look on it. Also our theme is not compatible with markups. We got it in plans but it is not ready yet.
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