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  • When I go to save/Update the page myhealthpass (http://myhealthpass.com/myhealthpass) after editing, it goes to:http://www.myhealthpass.com/wp-admin/post.php
  • Now the page has completely disappeared!
  • Hi,

    please change to default wordpress theme and you will see the same problem what means this error is not related with theme but with wordpress installation and server,
  • @bama1570 & @muffingroup,

    This is the same issue that I brought up to MuffinGroup a few weeks ago.  I have spent countless hours trying to figure out exactly what is causing this issue.  I have involved hosting support teams, tracked error logs, and so on.  Nothing gets recorded in the logs unfortunately.  I have re-installed WP more times than I can remember trying to solve this issue.  There is something within the Be|Theme that is corrupting the core WP files.

    How have I come to this determination...  After four reloads and builds on this client site it still occurs.  For this one site, I still haven't even loaded the demo XML file because I really didn't need to have the examples there.  I have built this site on two separate hosting platforms already, still with the same results.  I have used automated tools to install WP and on the most recent attempt a complete manual build of everything from MySQL, FTP of WP 4.0, Site Configuration, Memory Configuration, and the list goes on and on.  This most recent attempt caused the same error on the 2nd page of the site.  Previous attempts have let me get as many as eight pages completed before it crapped out the Update / Save function within WP.

    @muffingroup has been given access to the website with no resolution except that it isn't anything with the Be|Theme.  I'm here to say that it is something with the Be|Theme.  On this latest attempt it was even using vs 4.3 and this issue has been occurring since I originally purchased the theme at vs 3.3.

    As much as I like this theme and the features it offers, I'm going to have to rebuild this site again now with a different theme that doesn't cause the corruption.
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