using other imagesize in a photobox (in visual composer)

I want to have 3 photoboxes in a row, but they have different heights, why i cant use there the usual cropped photosizes from wordpress?
sure i could resize or crop them in photoshop, but my clients have no photoshop..
is there any opportunity to fix the height without css or to use other imagesizes from wordpress?


  • the following question does not realate to this topic..

    but is it possible to use visual composer and muffin builder together .. cause i want to use shortcodes from both..

    for example i try to get a devider from muffinbuilder in visual composer.. if i set up the devider in muffinbuilder the devider appears on top of page..
  • Hi,

    unfortunately images can`t be cropped in wordpress. This is how "featured image" option works and can`t be changed. Images can be changed with external tool, like photoshop.

    About 2nd question: yes, it is possible to use both builders at a time. But it is not possible to move elements from one builer into another because this won`t work.

    Thanks for understanding!
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