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Dear Support, 

In my opinion the menu is just too fast. Please check at

If I move the mouse over the menu (eg. newsletter in the upper right corner), the menu pops out. 

My question: is there a way to add a bit of delay to the menu?

Best regards,


  • Hi,

    we don`t understand where is newsletter as this page is not english. Do you mean delay on submenu or what exactly?
  • Dear Support,

    Sorry, I will try to explain it: the behave of the submenu pop-down is just a bit too fast. 

    If I move the mouse over the menu (for example because I would like to click on the logo), it immediately pops down which is a bit disturbing behaviour. 

    I would like to delay a bit how the submenu pops down from the main menu. 

    Best regards,
  • edited September 2014
    Ok, we understand now. So to change delay time on hover, please go to js/scripts.js file, find line which looks like below:
    $("#menu >").muffingroup_menu({ arrows    : true });
    and replace with:
    $("#menu >").muffingroup_menu({ arrows    : true, delay : 200 });
    by default, delay is 100. You should remember that after theme update you will lose this modification what is standard thing.
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