Image Border off but still displays feint line?

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I've inserted an "Image" using muffin builder When you click the thumbnail it opens a different image - the border is set to "off" but there is still a feint line around the thumbnail - looks like a style or something? How do I remove the feint border / line?


  • P.S I'm really loving the options in this theme - I've been playing with it on a demo site and have actually recommended it to a few of my friends of which I know at least 3 have purchased it the past week.

    Fantastic Work Guys!
  • Yes, this is probably style but we need url to your website so we can know what item you exactly use and we must check css on your side before we`ll give you right one.
  • It's just a mess around site at the moment the address is
  • What CSS would I need to use to add a border to the menu block and to change the background colour of the menu which is currently white?
  • To remove this border around image, please use below custom css:
    .image_frame .image_wrapper .mask { box-shadow: 0 !important; }
    About border for menu, please make a screenshot of what you mean with necessary changes on it and we`ll see if this is possible.
  • Thanks

    I came right with the menu but the above CSS doesn't seem to be working for me, maybe I have some other CSS conflicting - the CSS I currently have in "custom css"

    .image_frame .image_wrapper .mask { box-shadow: 0 !important; }
    .image_frame .image_wrapper .mask:after { display: none !important; }
    .image_frame .image_wrapper .image_links { display: none; }

    The below is what i used on the menu (I'm happy with this)

    .header-simple #Top_bar #menu { 
    border-style: dotted; border-width: 2px;
  • Please instead of above css, use below. Hope this time will be fine:
    .image_frame .image_wrapper .mask { display: none !important; }
  • Thank you

    Works Perfect!
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