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Full Width Parallax Backgrounds Visual Composer

edited September 2014 in Visual Composer
I am posting this to help anyone trying to find out if you can have a full width row using Visual Composer with parallax effect.

It is possible to do this in Visual Composer and not the Muffin Builder. You need a VC plugin called Ultimate Addons from

I have successfully created a row with full width. The one VERY important note is that in the "Effect" tab you must NOT check "Easy Parallax." When this is checked, for some reason full width will NOT work. If it is unchecked, it will work. You must also make sure you have selected "Maximum Full Width" in the "Backgrounds" tab.

Hope this helps!

Keywords: Visual Composer, Full Width, Row, Ultimate Addons, VC


  • Also:

    I tried it with a transparent menu, a creative menu and a creative menu always open, and it works for all of them. So regardless of menu style, it seems to be working.
  • Doesn't work with menue style "modern". 
    Do you have an idea how to handle with "modern" menue style if I want to use full backgound picture (as full background picture in vc-row) instead of a slider?

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  • I am posting, because a full width row using VC and Ultimative Add on whith the BeTheme does not work, only the full backround colour.
    And I made sure that the "Effect" tab is not check "Easy Parallax".
    It must have something to do with the width of my content, which is dependent on your my BeTheme?

    Thanks for help!!!
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  • That was my first try and I really do not know what went wrong. I have the Single Page layout "Full width without sidebar" and as Layout type "full width". But which Page Attribute is missing that I can create a full width row?
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  • Give me a mailadress, I was searchinf for ans could not find?!
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  • Hey there, I'm using this theme to give to a client and I want them to use visual composer because it requires no code and makes everyones life easy. Are you saying there is no full width backgrounds unless with muffin builder because if that is so that is incredibly annoying?
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  • Are there any ELEMENTS missing in VC that muffin build offers? Meaning like sliders, testimonials, etc. the elements themselves, does VC have all the same ones to offer as MB? Just checking so I know what to go with on my pages - VC seems easier to use over all as long as it has the elements - thanks!
  • Also how would you do paralax full width background images that I can put buttons or titles on top of using Muffin Builder?
  • seems like you can't do the animations (fade, pop in. etc.) is there any way to do that with muffinbuilder elements in VC?
  • @Muffingroup "visual composer because it requires no code and makes everyones life easy" Muffin Builder requires code knowledge, great for me bad for clients. I have worked with 5 other sites that have VC and I have never had this problem before.
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