How to disable Parent page link in menu and in breadcrumb navigation

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Hello, I am new to wordpress and I am really liking your Betheme template. 

My question is:

1.) I would like to disable a parent page link in the navigation menu because I only want it to be used as title for the dropdown sub-pages links and I don't want it to be an actual page with content. Example - In your Demo site, when you click the "shortcodes" link in the navigation, it sends you to the first page of the parent page which is typography ( ) instead of going to the shortcodes page. How do I achieve this as well? Or how do I disable the link or at least give it a "#" as a url to not go to a link at all?

2.) Breadcrumb navigation link issue - I noticed the in your demo site ( ) if you click the "shortcodes" link in the breadcrumb navigation, your website will actually direct you to the "Shortcodes" parent page which is a empty blank. My question is, how do you disable the link so the user will not be able to visit this blank empty page. This would make my website appear a little unprofessional and look broken. This looks like an issue that i would really like to have working properly for my website.

Thank  you in advance, 



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