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Be Relative WordPress Plugin for BeTheme

A simple little plugin that can be used while building out a site using BeTheme to store relative paths vs absolute in the db using BeTheme's upload dialog.

Can be deactivated when done or left active, only loads when using betheme options or muffin page builder on the back end.  Have fun!


*the usual disclaimers apply, you and you alone are responsible for you website.  While this plugin makes no changes to your website's database or theme files and simply changes a small javascript function I have to put this in here but seriously, this plugin is uber safe.


  • Are there any settings to change or does it do it on the background?
  • edited February 2016
    Yep, all in the background.  Just activate the plugin and go change an image in betheme options or a page's muffin builder and you'll see a relative file path returned.  Disable the plugin and do the same thing and its back to an absolute path.  That's all the plugin does.
  • Thanks so much! I used your old approach-- can you give me advice on how to 'reverse' what I previously did to use then use plugin?
  • edited July 2016
    Just comment out anything custom in your functions.php specific to overriding the betheme field_upload.js file then simply upload and activate the be-relative plugin.

    The plugin basically does the same thing as the previous method except for the added convenience of portability and being able to disable/enable as you wish.
  • Great solution! 
    Does this change URL to relative in the live website? My concern is that the use of relative links would negatively affect SEO.

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