Logo placement changes on different pages

Hi first off my site is alanawolfe.com.au 

When you are on the Homepage compared to all the other pages you can notice that the Logo is placed slightly higher than the others. 

If you are on the Homepage click on any other pages while looking at the logo you can see that the Logo placement drops down a bit. Why is this happening and how can i fix this? thanks


  • We have already checked your website and logo is int the same place for all the time. We did not noticed any move. Also if you will have a look on our demo, you will see the logo is in the same place for all the time.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Hi please take a closer look at these images. The Red line is the guide line and you can tell that on the Home page the Logo is placed slightly higher. I looked through all the CSS's doesnt seem like anything is off so what is the problem? thanks in advance


  • Yes, we see but this does not work the same on our side. What browser you use and system?
  • Google chrome
  • I just checked using Safari and Mozilla Firefox, i see it on all of those browsers so the question is which browser are you using? Also im using a Mac
  • We have checked in Firefox and Chrome and don`t see anything like that so we really have no idea how to help you because it looks like the problem must be on your side. Please check also our demo website and see if this also happen there.
  • Hi, it cant be a problem on my side. What could be the cause that does this on my side? 

    It is happening in your demo also. and I know for a fact this cant be a problem on my side because I remember when creating a different site using a different demo data and it was doing the same thing, until I deleted everything and started fresh from scratch. 
  • Have you checked our demo website? Did you noticed anything similar?
  • yes ur demo site is doing the same thing 
  • edited September 2014
    I have figured out how this happens. It only happens when I set the page as Home page in the Settings -> Readings. Whatever page I set as a Home/Front page the logo becomes out of place. How can I fix this? I know this is a small problem but as a designer this is really irritating.
  • So if you see the same behavior on our demo site then we are not able to help because we tested our demo on different devices, like: mac, pc, tablets, mobile phones and we did not noticed anything like that. So we really can`t help because until we don`t see it on our side we can`t tell you what could be the problem. Sorry!
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