[Suggestion] - Updating The Static CSS Documentation Section


I have been using and modifying the BeTheme for over a year already. I have noticed today that your section of "Static CSS" that is written in the documentation is not clear enough for beginners. It requires bit of modifications.

Basically, your screen-shot shows that the code to be copied from the header to the static css file is from "#Header_wrapper" till the end of the first closing style tag. However, in practice, the right section to be copied is not from "#Header_wrapper" but from "@media only screen".

Note: It used to be from "#Header_wrapper" in the old versions of the theme but not anymore. I have been doing this for over 10 updates and just feeling too lazy to open a ticket and inform you about it.

It would be nice if you can update this section of your documentation for other users. It took me some time to figure it out myself and i thought that i could help someone else by informing you about this.

It would be nice if you can reply back to this ticket and get your opinion on this topic.

Best Regards!


  • Hi,

    hmm, looks like you are right. We missed that one. Do you think that we should replace current image with the image where css starts from @media only screen and that's it?

  • edited January 2016

    Thank you for your reply.

    Attaching a screenshot that cover the whole area won't be clear enough or readable. Few lines of text that explains this would be sufficient.

    As in:
    Step 1: Open the home page of your website.
    Step 2: Right click with your mouse then go to "view source".
    Step 3: Press "Ctrl + F" then type "@media" and hit search.
    Step 4: Select all the lines of codes from "@media" till the first closing tag of "</style>". Of course you should not include the closing tag.
    Step 5: Open your theme files using your FTP client or from your WordPress Dashboard.
    Step 6: Navigate to "style-static.css" and click to edit it.
    Step 7: Replace all text found there with the code that you have copied from step 4.
    Step 8: Save up and adjust your BeTheme options from the advanced section to start loading your static css file.

    Thanks again for reviewing my suggestion. It is to help the whole community of BeTheme users afterall.

    Best Regards~
  • Thanks for this complete explanation. However, the step 3 may be confusing. Someone people got @media tags in their custom css section. Don't you think that this may be confusing then? We also saw that someone people are using plugins that are including @media tags in header as well. For them it may be confusing as well.
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