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Global Gallery conflict


I was using the Be theme with the plugin called Global Gallery. There is an option in Global Gallery to override the standard WP galleries. A few Be versions before this was working - having this option turned on all the standard galleries across the site were using the global gallery layout.

I'm not sure if it's because of an update, but this is not working anymore. The author of Global Gallery wrote the following:

"it might be caused by the theme overriding my system. After all to manage WP galleries developers must use a single filter.

If you are able to edit a simple line of php, give a try

wp_gallery_manag.php file - change line 306

add_filter('post_gallery', 'gg_wp_gallery_manag_frontend', 9999, 2);

If doesn't solve, you should ask about it to the theme developer,"

It did not solve my issue. I'd like to have your input as well on this problem of mine. Do you happen to know what is causing this behavior? What could I test further?

I tend to think that the problem appeared after an upgrade of the Be theme.

Thank you for the assistance,



  • Hi,

    this happen because we added styles for galleries. Since last update you can use galleries with grey scale effect and that`s why after this modifications, it does not work. However if you want to go back to previous settings, you must follow steps below but also must know that you won`t be able to use our built-in styles for galleries.

    To go back to previous gallery settings, in functions/theme-shortcodes.php file, please remove below code:
    // replace WP shortcode --------------------
    remove_shortcode( 'gallery' );
    add_shortcode( 'gallery' , 'sc_gallery' );
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