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How to Set Homepages and Content Sample?


Congratulations for this Theme, is fantastic and easy to use! However, have a question, how to set up my website, like the homepages/content sample be|landing, be|shop, and so forth... because I will use the model to find better and go on modifying the base model?



  • Hey,

    we described everything in 'step by step' instructions on this forum already http://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/discussion/14/step-by-step-how-to-re-create-demo-page

    Thanks a lot for kind words!
  • Hi,

    I know that
    and I think you did not understand my question, I see this video, but, I want to configure my site equal to one of 20 models of sites you have, which is more suitable for me, I'll use. For this, I need the "import options" and "xml" file of each homepage, you can send me? If you can not, I will cancel my purchase and notify Envato!

  • We don`t have anything like that because it is not possible to upload just one page. And this is not because we don`t want to do that but it is because wordpress doesn`t allow for that kind of things. If you will go to Tools > Export section you will see what kind of .xml files wordpress allow to export.

    However into .xmls package we included many different kind of .xml file and if you want to get only right page, then you can upload .xml file called betheme PAGES.xml and after that you can leave only page page that you like and with one click remove the whole rest. This will take probably 1 or 2 minutes.

    Of course if you want, you can write to envato about purchase cancellation but as far as we know they won`t do that because this is not our issue that wordpress doesn`t allow to export xml for one page only. This should be done but wordpress authors and requests in this case should be sent to them.

    The only thing we can do for you is upload .xml file and leave only the page you like and remove whole rest. We can do it only if you will send us access to wp dashboard and FTP on pm but probably you can do it much faster because sending us those details will take the same time as file upload.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Muffingroup,

    I'll say it again, maybe I expressed myself wrong, I want to make my site equal to model Be|Landing you can just send me the content of this model? I chose you because I liked a lot of solutions and reviews, what I'm trying to say is that with this theme I can have different Be|Theme, blogger, beauty, business... I want to make my site equal to model Be|Landing, but you must send me the configuration files of this model, and not full XML, you could facilitate providing downloadable files and XML configuration for each model Be|Theme created by you, and not a single file containing all! In this post it was requested, more or less what I need: http://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/discussion/115/be-renovate#latest

  • Sorry but probably this time you did not understand us because we understand you very well and as we wrote it is not possible to give you just one page Be|Landing at this moment as wordpress does not allow to export only one page. Did you checked Tools > Export section as we mentioned above? Because if you will do, you will understand this is wordpress issue, not theme. But if this is so hard to understand that wordpress doesn`t allow to do that, then you can send us access and we can do it for you. And we can leave only this Be|landing page.

    In topic you showed above, we sent the same .xml file with all pages to user and he uploaded .xml file with whole demo content and left only page/pages that he need.

    You wrote that we should provide downloadable files for each page - we understand it and we agree this will be great thing but wordpress does not allow for that. So if this is something hard to understand then please send us access and we`ll do it for you because to be honest writing this comment took much more time than xml file upload.

    BTW Your suggestion is great and we`ll try to handle this maybe as external tool or something but we need time to check if this will be possible with own solutions. Also each thing must be written in accordance to wordpress API so we are limited to do something like that.

  • Muffingroup,

    No problem,
    I've solved it! Is that some images, visual, are not complete, but no problem, I've decided and thanks for all the support, this template is very good and easy to use!

    One suggestion, the manual should be in html revaxarts-themes.com/documenter/ or any other method more practical than PDF for your customers / and you could make available the download folder "upload"!

  • Thanks for suggestion @nilo_one ;) This is definitely good point and we think that we must handle it soon. We don`t have any documentation in html version so this will take time to do it but definitely is good idea :)
  • @nilo_one We found the way to export single homepages :) We added them into .xml package that can be downloaded from http://themes.muffingroup.com/xmls/

    So if you would like to upload only one homepage in the future, you will be able to do it now ;)
  • Muffingroup,

    Exactly what I needed and will help many users too! Congratulations again, the theme is really fantastic and very easy to use!

    FIVE STARS *****
  • @nilo_one Thanks ;) We're glad you like it.

    However we are working on new feature that will be much easier and faster. We are working on one click demo install and it will be possible to choose from theme options which homepage would you like to import or choose everything just like on demo. But we still work on it as this is not easy. But should be ready very soon and we think this will be more better and easier for everyone :)
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