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webpage responsiveness issue

Hello, i first tried to search with responsive keywords however i could not find much that relates to my concerns. 

i had a site built up with muffin builder. 
The problems i face was the responsive functions. 

1. I believe that the responsive theme options should automatically reduce my text fonts. However it was not working in that sense. not sure why. 

2. when i used the options to set up for the contents to appear on mobile under my chrome settings it shows blank when i put the screen to be that as per on mobile it does not show up anything. i believe the options to select display on desktop, tablets and mobile is meant for the screen size and not the desktop per say. The muffin builder seem to have barred everything when i select hide on desktop which is a problem. 

Most likely that is a problem for me as in i do not know how to configure  and hence i like to seek your help. Its very inconvenient if the settings seriously barred all content that is meant to hide on desktop then i have to manually refer to the physical phones for reference. Please advise how to solve this. 

3. Using a note 3 to view the contents for mobiles and tablets work, however, the appearance of which is fragmented and disoriented. 

A. The view turns to a box view though on your theme settings i had set it to full width on mobile. 
B. Images were not responsive they were not resized or centered. 
C. The text was not reduced to smaller sizes. They were not responsive. Even though i had enabled that in settings.
D. The header still shows up and it creating a lot of unwanted whitespaces. 
E. The parallax attribute of the sections, seemed to creating unwanted white spaces on the desktop. With (say) 4 columns of 1/4 width layed out on a fullscreen machine, it appears well but when the screens is reduced to smaller ones, it creates a lot of whitespaces below which is ugly and uncalled for. I do not see the same problem on VC with the parallax. The solution to this is to change it to Fixed attribute in section. 

The problem of Fixed section creates the exact same problem when the screen appear for mobile. The white space appears . 

The white spaces appears because of the parallax or fixed and its impact on the mobile is the whitespaces that are created and shown. Fixed solves the problem on desktop but creates that problem on mobile. Parallax solves the problem on mobile but creates the problem on desktop.

F. I had though that the white spaces could be neutralized by using colors in settings, so i tried using background color and using background images so that the ugly whitespaces could be covered up. But it simply did not work. 

Kindly advise how i can resolve this. 



  • Just to add in more Details.. 

    i seem to have sorted the problems which i have posted to a certain degree. However, the next question arises where, i see a display problem for desktops between 768 to 960px. 

    I have tried to add to the custom css at the bottom of the page, however i see that the css does not register itself after trying to update and its lost as if i had not entered at all. 

    the code i tried was: 

    @media only screen and (max-width: 960px) and (min-width:768px) {
    .responsiveDesktop {
    font-size: 30px; 

    also tried 

    @media only screen and (max-device-width: 960px) and (min-device-width:768px) {

    .responsiveDesktop {

    font-size: 30px; 



    Kindly advise why the builder does not accept or register those values. 
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  • Ok, thank you for verifying. 

    I will reverify and show you the links, as well as provide login details for you. But let me get this done up and forward you the details accordingly. 

    I have a little immediate problem now that i am redoing the whole site and also creating the desktop views first. I have a little issue with the header and its background. 

    It will show a white header background which i had tried to set to black. 

    colors --> Header -->
    Header background

    Set color to #000119

    Did i do it wrongly?

    Please advise thank you. 
  • Also Please advise that on the same page of : 

    At the bottom of the page at the section: Truly Live your Life

    It seems that the icon box and its icons are not showing up properly. It should but i am unsure whats wrong. Kindly advise if i did not do it correctly or its due to some plugins or psd not updated. 

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  • Hello, 

    Thank you for the explaining the CORS function. My server host has informed that this feature is not supported under the hosting plan which i had. However there remains a few possibilities and facts which i am about to bring up for your understanding and for us to work out a solution. 

    In fact immediately before that, i would say that the fonts are working very well. Prior to the fact that i had to clear out the installation and redoing everything. 

    I was on the same server and there were simply no issues with any icon displays as i have some of the font awesome plugins and they have been in the background even before i had installed this theme. 

    The problem starts when nothing could actually be edited or registered on the server, as no one simply could find a reason or cause for the server's inability to register new or even to edit existing content... i had to simply clear off the folder and reinstalled everything. 

    Right now this installation is built fresh with the bare minimum file requirements from word press and your theme and its allocated plugins. Perhaps with the installation of some component plugins it might enable the use of the icons and allow them to run as per what is required. 

    Please assist me to work on this. 


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  • I understand fully, what you are getting at. 

    Of course the reason why they could not was because of the hosting package which i have but they do not provide under this package which i had all along. 

    But this is only one way to solve the problem. 
    We should first establish the fact that could there be other resolves?

    If you have been paying to attention to the points i have raised previously... Where there was no issue with the showing up of the icons at all.... under the same package & without the CORS just last week, before i formatted the entire folder to fix some errors which had appeared on the site. 

    Now, as i had the awesome fonts previously and other plugins that had no problems with shortcodes and icons, that was because it had many different plugins already installed. At least that was reason why i believe that the icons worked without an issue. 

    Comparing the circumstances, and given that CORS was not enabled right from the start, the icons were working properly. However as i formatted and installed this wp installation from scratch and new, then this problem arose. 

    We should already have an understanding that either the CORS might not be the actual problem or that there are other fixes. Example installing certain related plugins or editing certain parameters or more. 

    Because it worked where CORS are not unabled previously just a week ago. 
    We could solve the problem here, or we could point it elsewhere. The solution is within the situation and not beyond. 

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