Logo Link

How can I remove the link on the logo in the header? I don't want the logo to link at all.


  • We don`t have option for that. So to remove it you need to modify includes/header-top-area.php file but of course you won`t be able to make theme updates in the future. You can also wait for an update (will be ready tomorrow) and we`ll add this option because it is easy thing.
  • If you can add that it would be great! Let me know what I should do. Only reason is when I have a custom layout with a different logo I don't want that logo link to drive the viewer out of the site they are currently on since I am building multiple sites under one site with multiple header layouts. Thanks again.
  • Was this option added to the latest update?
  • This will be ready with next update (this week for sure) because it needs more modifications then we thought.
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