Cannot change background image for section


We created a page with a single section and set a background image for that section. This worked perfectly on a test server. However when we moved the site to a live server we needed to change the URL for the image. Now, when we try removing the background image and selecting a different one, the page still uses the old image. 

When editing the page we click the "edit" icon to open the settings for the section. Then we click "remove upload" underneath the background-image thumbnail. The thumbnail disappears and a browse button appears. We click the "browse" button and select a new image. That image now appears as the thumbnail. We click "Save Changes" to save the settings for the section and then we click "Update" to update the page. After all this, the section is still using the old URL for the background image.

Do you have any idea what might be going on?



  • Hi,

    it looks like you are not able to save pages properly on new server. It may be related with server limits on max_input_vars and max_input_time variables. Please contact with your hosting provider and ask if he can increase those values for you and all will be fine.

    Thanks for understanding!
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