How to remove sidebars from WooCommerce pages

Hi can you please help me with 2 problems i am stuck with

1, I want the sidebar to appear on the left side in woocommerce category pages and i want to remove the sidebar completely from the product detail page, how can i acheive this??

2. In the product detail page my image takes up the left column and the text (poroduct description etc) takes up the right column which means the image column is all blank after the image and the right description column is so long as it has all the description etc there.

PS: the woocommerce sidebar is very ugly. maybe you should do some styling to it considering you use it everywhere on the woocommerce pages


  • Hey,

    1. WooCommerce sidebar works or on all pages related with woocommerce or on none. But if you will send us url to page where you have sidebar and don`t want to have it, then we can prepare right css for you because with custom css it should be possible.

    2. We did additional layout for this page where tabs with description goes under the image. You can change this layout in Theme options > Getting started > Shop section.
  • Hi sir thanks for the reply. in regards to 1. as stated I would like to remove sidebar the from *all* the product detail pages.

    Its strange that you force the same sidebar to be used on all woocommerce pages
  • To remove sidebar from single product pages, please use below css:
    .single-product .aside_right .widget-area { display: none; }
    .single-product .with_aside .sections_group { width: 100%; }
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