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How to set up the drop down menu of top right hand corner

In the demo page, theres a arrow icon on the top right corner and a beautiful drop-down menu appear by clicking it.
But on my page its empty even i import all the xml file. Any settings i need to do ?


  • I would also like to know how to get the feature, dicken12 mentioned, to work or if there is another way to get the login/register page visible on the menu bar or top right corner.
  • Hi guys,

    you are talking about "Widgetized top area". This feature can be turned on in Theme options > Layout > Header section. Option is called "Sliding top". But items inside works the same way as for sidebars or footer. So all you need to put some widgets there, is go to Appearance > Widgets section and you can put widgets into 4 different places: Sliding Top area #1, Sliding Top area #2, Sliding Top area #3 and Sliding Top area #4. Of course you don`t need to put widgets into all of them. If you prefer you can use 1 or 2 sections.

    BTW Widgets does not come with xml file because wordpress is not able to import them into right sections and this is not theme issue but wordpress.

    Thanks for understanding. Hope all will be easy and clear now ;)
  • Thanks. But can you give us some guides on creating widgets like the demo site ? 
  • @dicken12 We`ll give you 'step by step' instructions below what we used in which column.

    1. In Sliding Top area #1 we used Muffin Login widget.

    2. In Sliding Top area #2 we used Text widget with below html code:
    <p><big>We reply on all questions within</big></p>

    <span class="themecolor" style="font-size: 75px; line-height: 75px; display: block; text-align: center; margin-bottom: 15px; font-family: Patua One, serif;">24 h</span>

    [hr height="20" style="dots" line="default" themecolor="1"]

    <p style="margin-bottom: 0; text-align: center;"><span style="color: #9C9C9C;">We offer support for our customers</span><br /><b><i class="icon-clock"></i> Mon - Fri 8:00am - 6:00pm [tooltip hint="we are located in Europe"](GMT +1)[/tooltip]</b></p>
    3. In Sliding Top area #3 we also used Text widget with below content:
    <h5 style="margin-bottom: 5px;"><i class=" icon-mail-line"></i> Our address:</h5>
    <p style="margin-left: 26px;"><strong>Envato</strong><br>
    Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St,<br>
    Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia</p>

    <h5 style="margin-bottom: 5px;"><i class=" icon-phone"></i> Have any questions?</h5>
    <p style="margin-left: 26px;"><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></p>

    <h5 style="margin-bottom: 5px;"><i class=" icon-comment-line"></i> Call us:</h5>
    <p style="margin-left: 26px;"><a href="tel:+61 (0) 7 9180 3458">+61 (0) 7 9180 3458</a></p>
    4. In Sliding Top area #4 we also used Text widget but with below content:
    <h6 style="margin-bottom: 7px;">Version 1.6 - June 3, 2014</h6>
    <ul class="list">
        <li>Added: 3 New Header Styles</li>
        <li>Added: Secondary Header Menu for Stack Header Style</li>
        <li>Fixed: Minor code cleanup</li>
  • muffingroup. Sliding Top area #2 #3 #4 works well now !
    But I cant find Muffin Login widget in the list. Do i need to install any plugins first ?
  • edited June 2014
    @muffingroup I was able to get all 4 widgets on the sliding top but I'm still not seeing an option for someone to register. 
  • I see there are two (muffin Login) widgets the second one has the option to register. Thank you for all your help. 
  • @dicken12 You must update theme to latest 2.2 version, where this widget was added :) Full list of updates you can check on in "Updates & Changelog" section.

    @getirresistible Yes, exactly ;) We're glad you found it.
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