logo cut off in Firefox and IE

Hi support

noticed that the site logo(specifically the text) is ok in Safari and Chrome, but gets cut off in IE and Firefox?



  • also forgot to ask, when the user clicks on one of the image in the image gallery in the single product's page. is it possible to add nav arrows in the image popups so that they can just click the arrow and go to the next image in the gallery?

    thanks very much
  • Hi,

    for this logo, please use below css:
    .header-stack #Top_bar .logo #logo { width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box; }
    But about image for products, it is not possible because this is how WooCommerce works. This plugin does not allow for that.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Hi there
    sorry to bring this up again,

    Had a look at Woocommerce sample page. and when you click on the gallery it shows arrows to scroll through the other images?

  • If you have a look at the BeTheme single product page. Click on the Featured image, there is an arrow pointing left and right? 
  • Yes, we have those arrows because this is how woocommerce works. This feature is independent from us.
  • But the arrows down work for the gallery images? as in cant scroll through gallery images?
  • Ok we see what you mean. We already noticed this is our mistake. This will be fixed with next update (before the end of this week).

    Thanks for understanding!
  • edited October 2014
    Thanks very much :)
    site is back online. had some server issues.

    is it possible to reduce size of the navigation buttons in the clients slider? or completely turn it off?
  • You can only turn them off with below css:
    .clients_slider .clients_slider_header { display: none !important; }
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