Under Construction - Icon-clock not displayed


The icon-clock is not displayed on the "under construction" page, when we use the link without www.
Here, 2 links I have created, and where I have the same issue.

With the icon-clock :

Without the icon-clock :

Did I make a mistake when I transfered from my local server to the web server ?
Thanks if you can help me.



  • Hi,

    as you can see at http://snag.gy/HM1a1.jpg you have some errors in javascript console but those errors can be fixed only on server`s side so you need to contact with hosting provider.

    BTW Instead of contacting with hosting provider we recommend to do 301 redirect from address without www to address with www because at this moment you have duplicated content what is not good for SEO.
  • I make a 301 redirect and all work correctly now.
    thanks a lot
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