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Hi there

1) Is it possible to resize the product image and use smaller images so that I have space for an additional column?
I'd like to have 4 products on the column instead of 3 at the mo? am assuming if I decrease the image size this will allow me to do so?

2)Still previous question hasnt been answered?
In the single products page, the product gallery allows us to click next to the next image in the gallery. You've disabled this in the theme. Can I please enable this function again?

3)Can I use tabs in the single products page instead of the current accordian style.
Its a great theme but very limited from the woocommerce front. will you be releasing an update very soon to address this?

Thanks very much


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    1) Unfortunately this is not possible. Shop works only on 3 columns.

    2) Please make a screenshot of what you mean because we are not sure what option you exactly mean as we did not turned off any option on shop page.

    3) Single product page is not editable so you can`t do it. But with last update we added new style where accordion goes under the image. This has been done at customers requests. If you want to change this style, please update theme first and then you can do it in Theme options > Getting started > Shop section.

    BTW Link you send above to your website does not work.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Please, add more than 3 columns in shop pages!
  • @JosephDJV Thanks for suggestion! We'll think about that.
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