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Demo content - 'Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!' when import demo slider data

Hi all
Just fired up the agencydemo and got the error
Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias agency not found.

Watched the video on importing slider data and when i went to :
slider revolution > import data > selected the file '\revolution-slider-demo\demos\'

I got the error: 'Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!'

Any ideas?

Im on worpress 4.0 and I just downloaded Betheme yesterday and its not asking me to update that.



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  • Yes I have read that article and I did read the whole topic 
    People have encountered the same issue and there's no fix mentioned.
    I followed the video and attempted to import the slider "zip" file only to get the message:

    importing slider setings and data...
    Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!
    Go Back

    In both cases you suggested an out of date version of revolution slider.
    I have updated it to the version bundled with the theme and it still not working.

    Version 4.6 SkyWood (25th August 2014)

    Can you please suggest a solution
    Thank you

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  • I have wordpress 4.1.1 and revolution slider 4.6.5 and when I import the zip file for a demo slider ( I get the "Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!" error. 

    How do I fix this problem ??

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  • Guys, I'm also facing the same issue, I'm trying to import "story" slider but it keeping saying "Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!" 

    even slider_export.txt is right there in zip folder. using latest version 4.6.93 for slider.

    if you'll ask me to send you login details then let me know where I have to send it...don't know if this is public or private post. 

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  • Neither option worked for me.  I'm running the latest Rev Slider version.  I've tried full zip and just the text file etc.. still get the "Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!" 
  • Hello?  I REALLY need help with this slider.  Please read above.  Looks like this is an ongoing issue that should be resolved by now.  Can you please help?
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  • Hi~rthurston1,
    I'm having this problem too,
    had you finally solved this error?
    Nothings working for me in the other troubleshooting post...
    I really need the slider....
    PS: my wordpress  4.2.3, revolution slider 
  • edited July 2015

    [Resolved] Revolution slider Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!

    Version Wordpress  4.2.3, Bethel 8.9, Revolution slider  4.6.93.

    1. Unzipped problem slider into a folder.

    2. Under Revolution Slider, press [Import Slider], DO NOT upload whole zip file.

    Upload only single file  "slider-export.txt" into it.

    3. We need to import sample slider images into CORRECT FOLDER, which you can see it in the slider [setting/Edit Slides/slide list/edit slide/roll down to the slide, right click the image missing icon/inspect element/<img src="" >.


    Check the unzipped folder, where the images folder is: /images/uploads/201x/xx

    4. Login to you FTP, created a folder under same path, copy all sample slide images into it.

    5. Preview slide, now you can see the Sample Slide!

    6. Finished.


    I figured out actually the import by [slider_export.txt]  slider got no images uploaded, 

    so it's blank, but all animation setting actually is there but we cannot see.

    And the images missing in slider are put under a specific folder, which the images link had been set. So we CANNOT use WP Media to upload the images, won't work, slider cannot retrieve the images.

    So Inspect the element found out that actually the empty image icon link path is under: <img src="">,

    just created a folder under [wp-content/uploads/201X/xx/] ,

    than you can see the sample slider. 

  • edited September 2015
    For me the issue was that the default slider didn't work.

    Here is the fix, hope that helps others:
    1. Unzip
    2. Remove the macosx crap (I use Mac too so I can say that) so that you only have a folder names homepage.
    3. Zip that homepage folder and upload it with Revolution slider, it works.


  • johnr - Wow!  I've been grappling with this for weeks!  But what is the extra files you're mentioning?  When I unzip, I see:

    mbp:default gwong$ ls -R homepage

    custom_animations.txt dynamic-captions.css images slider_export.txt static-captions.css


    2014 revslider




    slide-home-2-1.png slide-home-2-2.png slide-home-2-3.png slide-home-2-4.png slide-home-2-5.png slide-home-2-bg.jpg




    slide-home-1.png slide-home-2.png slide-home-3.png slide-home-4.png slide-home-5.png slide-home-6.png slide-home-bg.jpg

  • Hi

    A followup to  my question above.. it's definitely the file (and not server limits - I upped my max_execution_time by a factor of 10x and it still died.. but several other *.zip demo files worked.  I believe johnr that it's the corrupt .zip file, but I cannot find the exact issue.

    So, I can 99% recreate the demo page.. which is close enough for me.  Thanks.
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  • edited September 2015
    You will just need to extract the zip files, take out the MAC stuff and re-zip them, making sure that the files come from the root directory and NOT in a sub-directory (\homepage). Do the same for the shopping slider, and it works.  If you do not have a zip program, grab's free version. However, even with the above done, there are still problems getting it to work in the theme. I got it to work  a few weeks ago...LOL.  
  • Hi i've same problem when i insert demo revolution slider "investment" i have the following message : Revolution Slider Error: The param navigaion_type not found in slider params.
    could you please help me ?
    I try to follow you observation :
    "1. Unzip slider data file
        2. Import slider data using slider-export.txt file
        3. In case upload dynamic-captions.css and static-captions.css into the wp-content/plugins/revslider/rs-plugin/css/ folder."
    But i haven t the file "folder" in this segment could you help me please because i'd like the animated effect with the mouse on this revolution slider

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  • Re slider version Version 4.6.5
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  • thanks a lot for your help

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  • Hello i have same problem.
    I install demo data "library". I
    have the following message:
    Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias library not found.

    I tried import slider "library" (\betheme-premium-wordpress-theme\slider-revolution-demo\demos) and have the following message:
    Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!

    I tried import:
    2. unpack and import slider_export.txt

    Nothing worked.

    I have RevSlider 5.1.

    Could you please help me?
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  • I tried other sliders. No one is not imported.
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  • ZipArchive is installed. There are no restrictions.

    I watched function importSliderFromPost (/plugins/revslider/includes/slider.class.php) and changed some code:

    $unzipfile = unzip_file( $filepath, $d_path);
    if ( $unzipfile ) {


    //$unzipfile = unzip_file( $filepath, $d_path); - delete
    if ( 1 ) {

    So I`m turned off ziping. And put slider files to the path: /uploads/rstemp/

    Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!

    I test function:
    $wp_filesystem->get_contents( $d_path.'slider_export.txt' )
    And get NULL. But file is at a place.

    I change this function to: file(
    $d_path.'slider_export.txt' )
    And get content of '

    So I think there are problems in WP functions.

  • Is there any an alternative method of import a slider?
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