Be | Developer / Image Not Loaded and Not Uploaded


Image at offer slider of Developer theme is not being loaded.
And i can not find these images in any section.
Also in my slides or offer sections, there are no images or photos.
Same happens to photo gallery of the same page.
What shall i do to upload images of homepages or run the sliders properly or edit them?



  • Hi,

    it looks like your server is limited and was not able to import all media files. Or maybe you did not select "Import media files" before import. In this case, you must upload your own images instead.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Hi;

    There is no Import Attachments option for HomePages import process.
    May it be the problem?

  • edited October 2014
    Ok you're right. We forgot that Be|Developer is homepage only, not full demo. So in this case you can`t import media with homepage as wordpress does not allow for that. Media comes only with full demo content and this is the reason why we transform current homepages into full demos. So now, you can only upload media manually until this page won`t be ready as full demo website.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Ok Thank you very much for your support.
    Offer slider wil use the photos automatically after i upload manually? Or shall i make some modifications?

  • You don`t need to do any modifications. Just upload images for offer items and everything will be fine.
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