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Changes after website theme upgrade

Hi, I upgraded to Betheme 12.8, and I noticed some changes in my website.

Basically, there are two that worry me.  

1. The first one is the menu active hover of the first three items when I access the website even if I am only on the #Header_wrapper section.  The NOSOTROS and COBERTURA should not be hover active.  Actually, to be honest, I believe this issue was from before, and not due to the upgrade.  My customer never told me about this, but I think I saw this from someone else's computer, because in the one I was using, there was not that hover issue.  Now that I have a new computer, I see this. It only happens as soon as I type www.siesnat.com and hit enter, after I navigate throught the website it seems to fix the issue but happens again when I access the site or reload.

2. The logo and menu position.  The logo should be at the left of the menu and not on top of it.  After upgrade, the logo changed position and it doesn't look good.

Please take a look at the image that will show the issues mentioned above:

How can I resolve these issues?  

My WP info:


Thank you and regards,


  • Hi,

    1. Please send us private message with dashboard and FTP access so we can check what you did wrong exactly.

    2. Menu items are not in the same line as the logo because you simply got to many menu items in header and there is not enough space to keep all stuff in one line. So or you will remove one menu item or you need to use extra css to decrease padding between menu items:
    #Top_bar .menu > li > a span:not(.description) { padding: 0 15px !important; }
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