Activating Mega Menu makes menu items no longer highlight or popup

 If I don't activate Mega Menu, then the menus highlight and open up as normal. 
When I activate the Mega Menu Plugin, then clicks still work,but hover and highlighting fail.  Any ideas? The console shows nothing and all the files seem to have loaded. Here is the web site:
Thanks for you help!


  • Hi,

    as we see someone tried to modify theme and there is tons of bugs, what you can see for example on - open your website in html mode in Firefox (CTRL+U) and you will see how many of them you got. This is the reason why your website does not work properly.
  • That's a need trick with the CTRL+U, thanks!

    Unfortunately, that was not the problem, as all pages, including a blank page with no content, still fail with the mega menu, but succeed with the normal menu...

    Here is a blank page to make the debugging (hopefully) easier.

            Thanks a million for your help!


  • Ok, I figured out the first problem 
    (I'm under https, and there were a few more places I needed to remove the http dependency if anyone else runs into it)

    However, now I have the problem that the menu will collapse way before it would need to, any suggestions on how to fix that? I limited my number if items to 5, and that still will collapse on an average laptop screen....

  • You're right, we didn`t make full compatibility with https because some of links are hardcoded with http but this will be fixed with next update what we can promise :)

    But about menu, if you ask how to show regular menu on smaller screens instead of mobile menu, then please take a look on where everything has been explained.

    BTW As we see you still got errors in html but this is probably related with tag you use <p/> - to be honest first time we see something like that and this must be the problem.
  • The problem was that it collapsed a lot sooner than it needed to, so that on normal screens the menu would be collapsed.

    Just in case anyone else runs into it, the work around I came  up with was to instal; UberMenu instead, and use css to hide the collapsed normal menu. 

    Other than having to work around the menu issue, the theme has been working wonderfully and we've gotten a lot of complements on the new site, thank you for such a great product!
    ( if you want to see it in action...

  • Thanks for the explanation @equitieslab ;) We're glad all works fine now and it is really nice to hear that you like this theme.
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