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Serious loss of Muffin Builder content when using high latency internet connection

edited April 2016 in Theme support

There seems to be a serious problem with using BeTheme on an internet connection that may experience some high latency at times.

If you are editing a page using the Muffin Builder and click on the Update button, you occasionally experience a white screen or a message saying can't connect. When you then refresh or reload the page, you are taken back to the 'list of pages' screen.

However, when you next edit the page you were just working on, it will have deleted virtually all of the previous sections built using the Muffin Builder.
When you view that page in a browser, it now only shows the slider, footer and possibly the first Muffin Builder section. All the previous sections that may have been built over the past days or weeks are now lost!

I understand that high network latency is not ideal but at times both myself and my staff have to use these types of network connections. The fact that when the issue does occur, that you lose virtually all the component previously built in the Muffin Builder, is totally unacceptable!

I've used WordPress for many years on high latency connections, and when I experience this problem with other themes, the only symptoms are that your most recent changes you were doing at the time are lost. This is acceptable as it's only  few minutes work. You certainly don't lose all of your content that may have taken you hours or days to do previously.

What makes it worse is that Muffin Builder is not compatible for page revisions so you can't even 'roll back' to a previous version.

I have tested this a lot and when I'm using a good low latency network connection, I never experience a 'white screen' so I've never lost any huge amounts of data within Muffin Builder. 

This is not an issue with max_input_vars value on the server, because when I'm using a better quality internet connection to the same website it works fine.

Can you please look into this issue and attempt to put some kind of safeguards into the code of Muffin Builder so that if a network connection is lost while performing a page update, you only actually lose your latest changes and not your entire page of contents?

The BeTheme is an awesome product that allows great looking websites to be built quickly and easily. However this issue is causing me a real headache!

Many thanks


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  • Hi Muffingroup

    Thank you for your reply. I have increased the values within the PHP to see if it helps resolve the issue. Unfortunately we are still experiencing the issue with losing data when the server takes a few seconds to respond.

    I've made the changes to the PHP settings:
    PHP Time Limit=180
    PHP Max Input Vars = 12000
    WP Memory Limit = 256Meg

    If you look within the System Status screen within the dashboard, all the elements are green.

    Today I experienced a total loss of all the custom CSS that was within the Betheme options panel. I was making an update to it, when I clicked save the server took about 10 seconds to respond but came back with a 'server not responding' message. I closed down the page and logged back in again to the dashboard. When I looked at the custom CSS page, everything had been wiped!!!

    I accept the fact that the hosting server is not great and I'm going to see what we can do about that, however what I refuse to accept is that when a connection has a timeout during a save, if it doesn't complete successfully then it will erase all the data.

    We have many other WordPress themes running on this same hosting provider and none of them show this behaviour.

    As previously mentioned, this data loss problem can be seen when saving pages. If a timeout occurs while saving then all the data on that page will be lost.

    I'm at a loss to why only Betheme shows this behaviour while other WordPress themes work fine. We are using shared WordPress hosting that at times can be a little slow BUT that should NOT be a reason for data loss when a connection experiences a timeout.

    Is there anything you can suggest that may help remedy this? Is there anything within the save routines that could be optimised to minimise this data loss for timed out connections?

    Many thanks

  • Also is there anywhere where there may be a backup copy of the custom CSS? Is it stored ina flat file anywhere? Or is it stored within the database?  As all the CSS has now been deleted it has caused me a major headache. Unfortunately there is no backup as yet for this website as we are in early stages of development. Thanks
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  • me also face same kind of problem
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