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Button font size

Hi, how do i increase the size of the button? and the font size on the button?



  • Hi,

    please send us link to page where you want to change those sizes.

  • Not sure why you need a link, but I have the same question. See the home page at 

    I want to change the button margin on the last button on the page, just above the footer. I've tried setting a custom class and adding css in BeTheme options:

    .mybutton {margin-bottom: 5px; font-weight: 800;}

    But this did nothing. 

    Thank you for any assistance.
  • @mikebullington Why? It's simple. Each site is different, buttons are different and also users do hundreds of mistakes trying to use things about which they have no idea. That's why link is so necessary. It saves our and your time as well and decrease time of an answer.

    In reference to your question, do you mean "Get started" button? How exactly this button supposed to look like?
  • Okay, fair enough. No offense intended regarding the link.

    The "Get Started" button has a large bottom margin on it. I would like to remove that bottom margin so the text below it  "Free shipping & money back guarantee" is closer to the bottom of the button.

    According to the developer tools in Chrome,  class="column mcb-column one column_button" has a margin of 40 on the bottom. How do I reduce this?

  • Yes, it's true. Many items/columns got default padding because this is how it was designed by our coders. It's just extremely necessary so all items can look good. However, if you want to remove space for that button only, you need to set class name for the section where this button is first. So if the class name would be for example my-class, you need to use the following css to reduce space for that button:
    .my-class .column_button { margin-bottom: 0 !important; }
  • This is not working for me. I've copied your code, placed in BeTheme Options -> custom CSS, gave the button the class name (omitting the period) and there is no effect. Still, 40px margin when I want 0.

    I can't see the my-class class showing up anywhere in the resulting code, for what that is worth.
  • What's the link of page where you did it? What's the name of class you set?
  • Same link as last time: . It's the Get Started button towards the bottom.

    I copied your code, so the class name was my-class. 

    In the button's CLASS field I entered:  


    In the custom CSS I entered:

    .my-class .column_button { margin-bottom: 0 !important; }

  • Ok we did checked and found where the problem is. You set class name for the button, not for the section where button is. Like we wrote above, you must set this class name for section.
  • ok, the button i want to style is on this page at the bottom:

    i just want to make the font size bigger?

  • @conor_phelan Do you mean Send button which is yellow in the footer?
  • How would one change the actual font style of the button text? i.e. from Arial to Oswald.

    I would like the button font at the bottom of my home page to match the button that is built-in to the theme (top right). Basically I would like all buttons created in Muffin Builder to use my menu font and not content font.

    The font I would like to include in any buttons I use with Muffin Builder is “Oswald”. Can I add css for this? 

    Thank you for your help.
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    There is your Custom CSS code to change your font style in button on bottom of page: a.button .button_label{
    font-family:"Oswald" !important;
  • Thank you  for your reply, I really appreciate. However, this did not work. It is the button that says “GET A QUOTE” at the bottom of the home page that I need to change the font to Oswald.

    I believe the css you provided changed the font of the subscribe button in the footer (which is great). But, I do need the “GET A QUOTE” button font to also be Oswald.

    Thank you for your time.  
  • Hi,
    I changed the Custom CSS code above to that button you wanted.
  • That code just changes the font of the Subscribe button in the footer.

    This is the button that I need to change the font, thank you.

    If I can get this button using the Oswald font then everything will match up.

    Thanks in advance.
  • I am really sorry, I forgot to apply changes yesterday.
    It's all ok right now.

  • Thanks so much for your time and solution. Fantastic support and really appreciated. 
  • Ideally I would like to do the same for the button on my quote form, too. I tried applying the above css and changing the body page ID to 10022 but that hasn’t worked.

    If you do have any way of changing this button I would really appreciate it, then I’ll stop pestering you!

    Many thanks.

  • Hi,
    Here's your code.
    font-family:"Oswald" !important;
  • Thank you so much, the support you have provided is amazing. Very much appreciated.
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    Hello, my buttons are very small and I wish there was an easier way to increase the size in the theme settings.  Could you help with increasing the size of the font and the button on the link?  I would also like the button to be aligned right.  The exact button I am talking about is the "Submit" button under the Need a Commercial Agent form.

    Also please let me know where to input this info.

  • It is all about the "Ninja Forms" plugin you installed, you have to set it properly to align the button on the right.
    Sadly, we do not support this plugin so we are not able to help you at all.
    Please, be familiar with this documentation:

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