How to add/link a PDF file to an PDF image

Hello, I am new in MuffinBuilder and have just bought your BeTheme. I am using your MuffinBuilder and I now have a PDF which I would like to link to a PDF image. The image and the PDF are in my Mediathek. How can I do this? Which function do I have to chose in MuffinBuilder to add my PDF to an image in a page?
I couln't find any hint in the support forum.
Thank you so much in advance for any clue.
Kind regards,


  • Hi,

    please show us an example of what you mean so we can understand what you want to do exactly.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your immediate answer. Meanwhile I could manage it with HTML code in Muffin Builder. I thougt it would be easier with Muffin Builder as I am not an expert in HTML coding but used Visual Composer before. Anyway, it works now. If you have an easier way, it would be great to get a hint. (BYW: how can I attach a picture or something? I wanted to show you the sample.)
    Now, I have another question: I wanted to use Accordion and it works so far. But I found your Rocco-Template where the Accordion documentation and it's quite different. How can I achieve to have the same design as the Rocco-Accordion (with the arrows on the right side) in my page? I was looking for this template, but I couldn't find it. Can I download it somewhere? It's just great - my favourite.
    Thank you in advance. I am excited to work with your templates.
    Kind regards,

  • You can send us an image with any online tool like

    In reference to 2nd question, you bought a BeTheme, not the Rocco. These are 2 completely different themes and you can not get the Accordion from Rocco to BeTheme unfortunately.
  • Thanks for your answer.... Okay - I don't see why but I accept your statement. Can I buy the Rocco theme for my next project? Isn't Muffin Group and the same company?

    For the sample:

    here is the sample which I was talking about. I added HTML code in the column box and it worked. Is there an easier way with Muffin Builder to achieve this?

    Thanks and kind regards,

  • Yes, Rocco is our theme but it's not so advanced product as BeTheme. Rocco is very simple theme with maybe 10-15% of options and possibilities included into Be.

    In reference to 2nd question, html inside Column item would be the best and easiest way to add what you presented on screenshot above.
  • great - thank you so much!

    greatly appreciated...

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