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After Update and Childtheme installation content missing

i did the last Betheme update and created a child theme(later) .
Now i have two problems:
1. No matter what theme is active, there is no content in my pages or posts. 
The post- and page-title are still there, but the sections, wraps, columns,images etc are not visible.
But the weird thing is, that my Blog is looking fine! So i can't edit my pages or posts or change anything.

2. After the updates and Childtheme the images take longer to load. They are first more zoomed in or just not the right size before they get normal.
And the Menu-bar is at first bigger and gets thinner (like it should be) after a few seconds or if i scroll down. 

Would be great if you have a solution. 
Here is the link: www.2adventuress.com


  • Hi,

    we suggest to remove all you did yourself and just use the parent theme because your problems are not related with original theme version at all. All your problems are related with what you did yourself.

  • Hey, 
    I deleted the Child Theme and activated the parent theme only,
    but the problems are the same. 
    I can not access any of the content. 
    There is only the first section and the wrap. No items. 
    And i think i didn´t change anything at the parent theme. Thats why i installed the child theme. 
    Any other ideas? I´m kinda freaking out, because i cannot change any text or anything actually...
  • Please send us private message with dashboard access then and we will see what you did wrong exactly.
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