Sticky Header and Header Issues


I'm new to Wordpress themes and I am having some issues with the header and sticky header. 

It seems there is not enough developer controls installed in the MuffinGroup admin area for the header / navigation area. Once I scroll down on the page, (as the sticky header takes its position) the menu items all bunch up and go down towards the bottom left of the container. On a mobile phone view, there is way too much padding underneath the logo, and looks very awkward. And in a portrait view on a phone, the logo goes on top of the menu button. 

I"ve looked through a lot of documentation and the options for style control in the header seem very limited. Do I need to add CSS to further control the look of the header in various media sizes or am I missing control options elsewhere in MuffinGroup?

Here is the page:

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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