Post excerpts not appearing

For posts that I did very recently the excerpt isn't appearing now. It still appears for older posts. I've checked all the settings. Any advise to fix this? See the latest two posts don't have the excerpts on the blog feed:


  • We have checked your website and we don`t see any errors or mistakes. Theme is clean so it is not theme problem. We recommend to deactivate all external plugins and widgets and check the if this will help because we don`t have any other idea what could be the problem. If this won`t help, then all we recommend it new wordpress/theme installation.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • I haven't added any new plugins or widgets. The only thing that has changed since I did the posts that do show an extract is that I updated the BeTheme. Could that be the issue?
  • We have tested latest version already with posts as you mentioned, and excerpts works fine. Maybe something wrong happen with update and some files has been missing? Please update theme to latest version once again and then check. If this won`t help, then please send us access to your wp dashboard on pm with url to this topic and we`ll have a look on it.
  • Okay. Will try that. Will let you know.
    I love your theme, and really appreciate your prompt and helpful service. Thank you.
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